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Since conservatives hate Unions, do they also hate America which is also a UNION?

WHY was the Constitution written?

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

A more perfect U N I O N ?

So the states could engage in collective bargaining with others.

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    Different meaning, you are a moron aren't you?

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    Your logic is flawed... but I understand you are trying to make a point...

    The constitution does not support the forming of unions with in the constitution outside the original 13 states joining together to form a country. outside of that you are gabbing for straws.

    Unpins were formed to protect the worker when there was no OSHA, EPA, Workers rights, etc... Unions goals have been reached Yeah... now go away, there are plenty of lawyers that will be more than happy to protect the workers rights these days since we have more than enough government laws on the books to protect a floor sweeper from falsely being worked to hard or fired because some one does not like him...

    Think about this, Union dues cut into a company's profitability, Just look at how the Unions drove GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy... they wanted more than the system could support. I am sorry but a guy that puts on a hub cap making more than an college educated engineer is insane.

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    I usually object when people call askers if they are a moron. It is just not called for. But in this case I have to paraphrase the question put forth to the asker by another contributor. Was this question mindless or what? My only hope is that the asker was not in a right state of mind, that maybe he has been reading Chris Matthew or other libbies book sor watching movies by good old Michael or well to do Oliver. Maybe he is not responsible for what he asked, and maybe he will come to his senses later.

    Regardless this questioner can take heart. "Whoyeah " dodn't answer the question at all - he just raanted - as his type usually does - about Fox News and Beck and company. No thought involved from that fellow. So no matter how stupid the question was, an answer was even more stupid.

    Of course we do not wish those two or any lib clones any ill. I hope they do not slip while adjusting their Bush War Criminal posters, which you know are hanging in the bedrooms, or trip o running to the tv to listen to MSNBC's Rachel's opening statements/

    No we pity these types. But still ... Wouldn't we all be better if these intellects leave America and form their own nation on some island?

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    Oh what a cute little play on words! Aren't you clever. If you don't know the difference between the uniting of 50 states and a labor union run by a bunch of corrupt thugs then you just don't get it. Oh, but wait maybe you are right...we are run by a bunch of corrupt thugs especially since Obama took office. Unfortunately that is not what our founding fathers intended. They put checks and balances in place with our constitution in order to safeguard our system from such corruption. It's just that Obama had trampled all over that constitution and found ways to circumvent that system that has worked all these years and what has made this nation great.

    Conservatives are pro-Union of the United States as formed under our founding fathers but not the direction Obama is taking this union. Liberals seem to have disdain for our constitution and our forefathers. Labor unions have bought there way into the political system and have undue influence that hurts this country with inflated wages and control making it difficult if not impossible for companies to compete. They cut their own throats and that of their members.

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    Ugh, two different definitions man.

    Union, in the context of the Constitution, was a collection of states and people held together by a collective idea under a Federal Government.

    A trade union is an organization of workers under a common goal.

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    Well, the next time Glenn Beck fulminates at his chalkboard over union “riots” and “thugs” and “mob” rule spreading across the Midwest, and links American labor to the Muslim Brotherhood, keep this in mind:

    Glennie—who made $32 million last year—is a union man, covered by AFTRA, the American Federation of Television and Variety Artists, an affiliate of that Commie-Islamofascist outfit, the AFL-CIO. So is Rush ($50 million last year) Limbaugh, who’s also in SAG, the Screen Actors Guild.

    So are all the Fox Goons—Hannity, O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly—and Brian Kilmeade.

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    Nice attempt at interrupting the constitution, I hope you didn't hurt yourself. The country isn't a union like a labor union; it's a union of collective independent states.

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    Ummm...cons psst. It's the same meaning and actually the same purpose--an increase in power for the benefit of the whole. Unfortunately we have to carry these backwards red states that are still debating evolution and whether the world is round.

  • Di
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    Judging by the many critics of those who do not agree with them, your argument fails because of the violent rhetoric and criticism used to demean. States rights prevail and your question holds no water.

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    You were a failure even in the gooberment school system. Tee hee.

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    Another classic question from the left, wow are you people really this dense?

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