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So the GOP plan to pay off the debt would take 200 years?

They "bravely" cut spending a whopping 1.6 % - almost all of the cuts screw the poorest among us.

But they're "pro-family", right?


To Jaker:

How can the Republicans expect anyone to believe they are doing anything different when there's only 1.6% difference between whatthey propose and what Obama has proposed - a spending freeze.

NOTHING will change until we raise taxes - as Clinton (and Reagan) did.

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    the game here is NOT to pay off the debt!

    the plan is to crash the economy because that is what will benefit

    the richest crooks there are, they didn't get all that wealth by being

    Mr. Nice Guy... they fight dirty!

    The GOAL is and always has been to see all nations completely

    bankrupt & thus beholden to the BANKERS!

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    Well maybe If they look at the facts first otherwise this will be another smear tactic by wall street obama Is not going the route of the far right too much on the middle class Is riding here.

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    Let's use the Dems plan to just keep increasing it and hand out money to any one that just doesn't want to work and oh yea let's keep paying for every ones abortions.

    So we don't violate a woman's right to be irresponsible and have unprotected sex as much as possible

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    Both sides treat the American public as rubes until election time rolls around and you'd have us pick sides here? Neither side has a solution for the problems we're facing.

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    And how much is it that Obama and the dems are proposing?

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    Because you touch yourself at night.

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