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Why can't people do simple research on the internet?

It's not the old days with libraries and volume of encyclopedias to go thru.

Are these people really that ignorant of how search engines work, or are they just plain lazy?

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  • Taylor
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    vor 1 Jahrzehnt
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    if i'm near a computer and something pops into my mind, i'll quickly google it hahaha... and if i'm not near one, the thought always comes back to me and i won't be satisfied until i know the answer. :P

    but that's just me... :)

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Why didn't you put this question in to a search engine? I am sure if you did the results that would be returned would not be as satisfying as the answers you would get from asking real people. Sometimes people can be a far more valuable resource than Google or Yahoo.

  • Anonym
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    A seemingly unbelieveable number of people think that doing research on the internet is posting a question here, not doing a search and actually reading something.

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    I think the same thing 90% of.the time. Sometime people just want tried and true answers and just about everyone on here is a real person.

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  • Anonym
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    I agree a million percent.

    If the people here would stop answering the stupid questions, the morons would go away.

  • Jan
    Lv 7
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Pure laziness.

    If the kids today had to do their homework like we did,actually looking things up in books,I think they would die.

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