Have you ever crossed the border to the USA in a big forest?

By us in Germany, it is not illegal to go over the border to another country somewhere in the forest.

When I look on the map, there are the border betwenn USA and Canada, partial straight. Most in an unsettled area. I have read that the bordercontroll have installed sensors and look on satellite to controll, if people cross the area in the forest. But this is so an big area. Have the border controll patrol a real chance to catch you, if you cross this border?

Have you ever crossed this border illegal, or know you people?

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    You can cross into Minnesota from Ontario in a forest. You are supposed to report to an immigration station, e.g. in Ely MN or Grand Marais MN.

    In practice I don't know how this works nowadays with things so tightened down.

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