IF tax cuts create jobs, lower unemployment and help the economy grow....?

then why have we lost jobs, increased umemployment and suffered from a poor economy over the last few years?

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    You make a good point. Left out of the discussion on passing continuation of the Bush tax cuts was the fact that they were already in place so any help to the economy should have happened already. The problem is people misstate how the tax cuts help the economy grow. Those who truly know say that government should set a friendly environment for business to encourage them to expand and hire more people.

    Right now there are too many uncertainties, you know what they are, not the least of them the still not fully understood health plan, so business even though it may have cash is not inclined to expand.

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    it is simple the only way to get out of the mess we are in is for the government to STOP SPENDING so dang much it has been proven time and again you cannot spend your way out of a recession. I know people don't want to hear it but we gonna have to stop extending these unemployment benefits and cut some social programs and repeal the health care bill. now anyone who has any kind of common sense knows this. that crazy woman who was the speaker of the house said we have to pass this bill now so that we can read it later. that was just plain stupid. Did she really think we are so dumb that we don't know there was something fishy with it. I mean really come on that has never happened that I know of pass a bill so it can be read you read first then vote on it that's the way it has always been done but since this was a far left piece of legislation they knew that most of Americans did not want this but we were told we are to ignorant to understand it so they know whats best for us.I know we need health care reform but fro the government to force its citizens to buy something and punish them if they don't is illegal and I am so proud of some of these State's Attorney Generals for taking on the Feds. Allow insurance companies to cross state lines and for the love of Pete how bout some tort reform no wonder Dr. bills are so high thanks in part to having to pay outrageous malpractice insurance. Also they have to make it up somewhere when non citizens use the er for family practice issues. Wise up people

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    Why can't people realize that Asia is the problem?

    We keep trading with them and we buy from them and they don't buy from us.

    Free-trade agreements are the problem.

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    Tax incentives for business will generate jobs. Tax cuts to individuals will never create jobs. Government knows this, their purpose for Tax cuts and stimulus checks was to buy support for unpopular and expensive programs on their agenda. Free Enterprise and Capitalism will Create jobs.

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    Because tax cuts do NOT do those things.

    Tax cuts generally give each family a very nominal amount, if anything. If you had an extra $100 (that's a way high estimate, by the way), would you be able to create a job with it? No. Of course not.

    The people who actually do benefit from tax cuts are millionaires and billionaires. They may save lots and lots of money. Those people, it has been proven, do not alter their spending or business habits according to what they pay in taxes.

    so tax cuts accomplish NOTHING except for bankrupting governments and ending social services programs.

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    The Democrat mortgage crisis

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    The issue is much more complex than tax cuts. We are in a global economy, and global market forces have a significant impact over the creation and loss of jobs in the private sector.

    In the US, we have the highest corporate tax in the world. So corporations are going to find ways to either cut costs or move take their headquarters elsewhere to avoid the heavy taxation. Also, many jobs have been outsourced because in order for corporations to remain profitable, they have moved the jobs to where they don't have to pay so much for labor...many folks will blame unions for this and in part this is true, however another thing for folks to consider is some of those outsourced jobs pay a pittance, though in those countries the corporations are able to get away with it due to lack of governmental control on the price of wages.

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