Blood types A+ and B- , what would be such couple's baby's blood type ?

If a parents' couple is gonna have a ( supposed: healthy! ) baby and their blood types are A+ as for the mother and B- as for the father, what would be the baby's blood type then?

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  • vor 10 Jahren
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    Not knowing the genotype and only the phenotype, I can only tell you all possible outcomes;









    Which is actually all possible blood groups from the ABO and Rh groups. A mother with rh+ blood will not have problems (mother and baby), dispite the baby's blood group, it is mothers with rh- blood that can lead to problems with the infant.

  • vor 4 Jahren

    Threenor is correct, but to explain all those letters: Each parent brings two alleles to the equation. And we don't know the full, double-lettered phenotype of either parent: you haven't supplied that information. Therefore, this couple's baby could have any one of the four ABO bloodtypes: O, A, B, AB, and we can't tell you the chances of its being any one of these. Sorry.

  • vor 10 Jahren

    There is no way of guessing a babies blood group it could be anything

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    It could be A+, B- or other things depending on what the parents recessive genes are

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  • vor 10 Jahren

    mabye AB+

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