Blood types A+ and B- , what would be such couple's baby's blood type ?

If a parents' couple is gonna have a ( supposed: healthy! ) baby and their blood types are A+ as for the mother and B- as for the father, what would be the baby's blood type then?

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    IF the mother is the B-, there are potential health problems for the baby unless it's her first. make sure she gets the rhogam shots to prevent future babies from miscarrying.

    are they homozygous A and B or heterozygous?

    here are the possibilities:

    AA+ X BB- = AB + or - (the Rh factor does have a recessive component that can express but most likely the baby would be a +).

    AO+ X BB- = AB+/-, BO+/-

    AA+ X BO- = AO+/-, AB+/-

    AO+ X BO+ = AB+/-, AO+/-, BO+/-, OO+/-

    interesting facts:

    "AB+" is the universal receiver - we can receive blood from anybody at all. of the 4 main groups, AB is the rarest

    "OO-" is the universal donor - they can give blood to anybody at all.

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    Threenor is correct, but to explain all those letters:

    Each parent brings two alleles to the equation. And we don't know the full, double-lettered phenotype of either parent: you haven't supplied that information. Therefore, this couple's baby could have any one of the four ABO bloodtypes: O, A, B, AB, and we can't tell you the chances of its being any one of these. Sorry.

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    A,B or AB

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