which dvd recorders allow me to watch one channel and record another?

when channels were analog, i used a vcr to record one channel and watch another. is there a digital dvd recorder that allows the same with a digital tv? NOT A TIVO OR DVR THAT I HAVE TO PAY, PLEASE.

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    Any DVR that has a dual tuner feature will allow you to do this. Just check the DVR before you buy it to make sure it has a dual tuner.

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    Hello Jeanette, I can't answer your question but I'm really glad you asked it because I do the same thing and in Canada we're going digital in 2011. I'm annoyed by the extra equipment I'll have to buy but now I know I have to look for the words "dual tuner".

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    First, take a glance at your instruction manual and notice if it says you have a twin-band DVR. in case you do, you are able to hook it up on your cable container and record one coach collectively as looking at yet another on a similar time without needing to apply dissimilar units. Mine facilitates me to record 2 shows at as quickly as collectively as looking at a 0.33, which a great deal simplifies issues and cuts down on the kind of remotes i ought to tote around the front room. you will ought to make one connection out of your cable container on your DVR, and yet another connection out of your cable container on your VCR. the two the DVR and VCR will then must be linked on your television. in case you have a twin-band DVR, use it as your accepted television viewing gadget and you will no longer choose dissimilar remotes till you want to observe or record a tape on the VCR. you need to be waiting to alter channels and alter the television volume by using your DVR, as nicely as set up and handle all your recordings. in the adventure that your instruction manual does not say your DVR is twin-band, that is single-band. if so, you will choose dissimilar remotes to alter back and forth between looking at television and recording television. (The setup with your cable container would be a similar.) while your DVR is recording a coach and you want to observe a various coach, do it contained in direction of the VCR. appreciate your new DVR! i won't have the ability to think of looking at television without one now.

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