Recording multi track song and video.?

I'm doing a multi track recording of a song that has two guitar parts, tambourine, congas (which i could make look I'm doing on the face of my guitar) and one "electric" riff, which i did on my acoustic, then added distortion to.

I recorded all of them just with my microphone, and without any video. How do people on you tube and stuff record video and audio??? I'm using mixcraft 4, so do I just record audio and video on separate programs, then edit the song to fit video clips after? I don't want to have to re-record the whole song, but I'm not completely done anyways. So, how can i get video of all of the instruments I'm playing, and switch between clips of them, (or even show some at once in a split screen) while keeping synchronization with the video and audio, and while keeping audio quality???

Thank you!

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    I'm old school, so I'm sure there's easier ways, but what I do is get the best possible recording of the song...a finished master....then shoot your video while you play along with the recording. You can shoot different scenes, but each have to be able to hear the recording.

    Then use some program to edit the video to the music

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