What is the name of this book?

When I was younger I read a book about an old man with a hot air balloon (a teacher maybe? grandfather? I don't know...) . The old man (and a few kids who came with him) would use the balloon to visit different periods in time. I know that in one of the books they traveled back to the time of the dinosaurs.

The books were part of a series, with each book focused on a different time period. Any help would be appreciated.

It's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name of these books! :-P

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    This has been a popular literary theme since at least 1835 when Edgar Allen Poe published "the Unparalled Adventures of One Hans Pfall" in the Southern Literary Messenger (Debt-dodger Hans takes a balloon to the moon!). There's a website of children's stories called The Magic Balloon, where the eponymous balloon takes children on adventures (http://www.magicballoon.com/). I don't know if you'll ever find your childhood original, but good luck!

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