What do you think is the biggest obstacle to peace?

I have my own ideas on this, but I'm curious to see what other people think. What do you think is the biggest obstacle to peace?

A side note: if you want a chance at best answer, don't just say "organized religion" (which, judging from responses to similar questions, will probably be the most popular answer). If that is what you think, tell me what SPECIFICALLY about organized religion is an obstacle to peace.

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    I think the biggest obstacle to peace is subjectivity - looking at problems from one angle (usually your own), rather than considering other people.

    Many wars have focused on land or resources: "I want it, therefore I must have it. My needs are more important than those of other people." The people who want more than their fair share of land, resources etc feel outrage if the local people don't hand it over immediately. Many wars in the 19th and early 20th centuries were fought by colonialists wishing to extend their empires and assuming that their ways of life were superior to those of so-called 'savages'.

    Other wars focus on subjugating people to your way of thinking. This is often linked to religion, with the subjective viewpoint that people do not have a right to choose their own religion or none. "They must accept my religion to have a right to live. Of course, my religion is peaceful and anyone who disagrees will be put to death".

    Linked with the subjective frame of mind is a lack of empathy with people who stand in the way of achieving the goal. These people are often considered to be inferior or backward and will be released by the aggressor. Unfortunately, the rescued people often end up as cheap labour or as bargaining chips.

    An alternative to subjective aggression is to 'live and let live', enabling people to choose their own way of life and live in their own communities without the fear of being invaded or entering other forms of warfare. This is a more idealistic way of life, much nearer to an ideal of world peace.

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    Humanity can never enjoy world peace. It's a sad fact of life. There will always be a group of people unhappy enough with someone who will then take arms against them. There are few scenarios for world peace, many of which involve mass death... Aliens come to Earth and try to kill us, so humanity is forced to work together. We stay together in fear of another alien attack. Mankind is nearly wiped out (asteroid, nukes, disease, your pick) and the survivors decide that killing each other would end the species, and there's peace. A government very much like Big Brother comes in, and teaches all the children to follow the government. Assuming no collapse of the world wide military government, there is eventually no free thought left.

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    Organized religion is an obstacle and a big one, but I don't think it's the biggest. With religion, the specifics impeding peace are terrorism and fundamentalist Muslims and Christians.

    I think the biggest obstacle to peace is the sheer love of violence and aggression among people. I mean, we all love a good action movie with a lot of violence ( I know I do, but I would not want to see that happen in real life ). Humans are war-like by nature, but I do think it's something we can overcome with a lot of work and will power. Speaking as a whole, humans are stubborn and fixed in their ways. We CAN change. It's just hard to. I'm not speaking of individuals who are flexible and open minded, but most of humanity is not like that, let's face it.

    I think at least 50-60 percent of the entire human population is arrogant, narrow minded, ignorant, dogmatic, and sometimes irrational. I'm NOT speaking of individuals, but humanity as a whole. That's what I think the BIGGEST problem is, but organized religion is up there.

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    I think the BIGGEST obstacle that everyone has to overcome to have peace is IGNORANCE. Ignorance starts every war, discussion, argument, etc. I think ignorance plays a huge role as an obstacle that humankind has to overcome to have peace. But as long as there are drop outs and gangs to get kids out of schools, ignorance can't be abolished. So it's like a domino effect, everything plays a role on having peace. Well hope that helped.

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    This biggest obstacle to peace is man's struggle for power. Every war and most turmoil in the world is derived from one group trying to bend others to their will. As long as human beings rule the Earth, there will always be power struggles and always be conflict.

    "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

    - Plato

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    Depends on what you mean by peace. No living things fighting? Impossible, since living things need to eat. No humans fighting? Impossible, since there will always be conflict for many reasons. No war? Depends what you mean by war. But I will say that the thing that would reduce violence, hate, murder, and theft the most would be getting rid of the culture of civilization. Civilization cannot exist without violence. Cities, for example, cannot exist unless they bring in resources from other areas. Land for totalitarian agriculture must be taken and continue to be taken from others. As resources become more scarce, especially since our resource usage has skyrocketed with our population, more fighting will take place to control these resources.

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    This is an interesting question which I have spent a lot of time thinking about.

    It is the fact that the people who declare war do not have to fight. They have land, resources, power, etc. to gain and nothing to lose. The problem is that power corrupts people to make greed overcome empathy.

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    Man's greed for more and more and more.

    Man's jealousy for what he lacks what others have

    Man's quirked belief that he reigns supreme

    Ref Maslows hierarchy of needs. Until and unless man reaches the top wrung of the hierarchy (self actualization), he will drift about in search of peace.

  • Connie
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    Us. No one on Earth is fully peaceful. Therefore pure peace could never exist. Unless you got rid of the human race. Wouldn't that be something.

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    Greed. As long as countries have a military industrial complex they will invent a reason to start a war to use their stock of war toys on.

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