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What's a good name for my kitten?

I found an abandoned kitten about a week ago, and my family still hasn't been able to come up with a name that everyone can agree on. She has tortoise shell markings--mostly dark brown/black, with a lighter brown and golden coloring throughout, a white chest, and four little white paws. Some notable characteristics are the tiger stripe like markings on her cheek, one black toe, and a love of chasing things, climbing, and attacking peoples' feet. :-P

I'd prefer a name that's a little less common. I was thinking maybe a name from a movie, or from mythology. Someone also suggested naming her after an artist (which is an awesome idea, but it seems like the all coolest names are masculine).

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    I am with you I like to figure out great names for my pets. I usually wait a few weeks to get started and then create a list of characteristics then dig out the thesaurus. Find the words on your list in the thesaurus and see what is written there. You would be surprised at the words that pop out at you. I would not only investigate words that describe her physical characteristics but personality traits as well. Good luck and have fun!

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    Kero is a nice name which derives from mythology, it's a boys name but it could be used as a girls, or Kiara maybe.

    Hope this helps x

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    Ghillie! Like a sniper suit because of the colors! We had a cat we almost named Ghillie!

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    Here's a list of cat and kitten names:

    good luck!

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    Aw she sounds like a very cute & play full kitten.

    These are the names that i think would suit her :









    I hope you like them :D

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    Tiger maybe?

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    tigress,marie,cleo ,or BJ

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    topaz, bandit, mittens

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