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. fragte in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · vor 1 Jahrzehnt

Which, in American History, have been more racist: Democrats or Republicans?

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  • Dutch
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    vor 1 Jahrzehnt
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    Republicans freed the slaves. Democratic states allowed slavery.

    The Civil Rights Act (banning discrimination in employment and places of accomodation) were enacted with the support of 80% of Republicans but only 60% of Democrats.

    Segregation never existed in States that were controlled by Republicans, segregation did exist in States controlled by Democrats.

    Republics currently oppose affirmative action, Democrats currently support this form of modern reverse discrimination.

    Democrats have always been, and continue to be, the party of racism. The only thing that has changed with them is the race of their victims.

    Edit ~ To Adam (below) ~ You are full of crap. Republicans have always been conservative. We sure and heck were conservative in the '60s when Democratic governors like George Wallace were fighting the integration of schools.

    Quelle(n): Republican since '60
  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Both have had racists amongst them, but those are both generalizations. The parties have never been constant. Nowadays Lincoln's views would have been more in line with the Democratic Party's. Even in Civil War times there were differences between Northern and Southern Democrats. I believe there was a large switch over around the time of Roosevelt.

    To the person who thinks Martin Luther King was a Republican, we don't know to tell the truth, likely he was an independent. He definitely wouldn't support the Party of Bush, with its military policies, he was against the Vietnam War.

    People need to realize that political situations change and that there are more than two sides. In fact most political quizzes consist of four quadrants using two scales, the economic freedom factor and the social freedom factor.

    To put an example many conservatives in Europe are not what they are here, specifically I'm talking about Christian Democratic parties, they are conservative on social issues but they are less capitalist and more in favor of social democracy, more in line with the teachings of Jesus than many religious conservatives here in the states.

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Well, remember that Republicans and Democrats switch roles every decade or two. Abraham Lincoln, for example was a Republican. He drafted and signed the Emancipation Proclamation, helping to abolish slavery. But today, Obama identifies most with Lincoln, of all presidents. Today, Lincoln would have been labeled a Democrat. Nevertheless, as Democrats have taken power, they have moved increasingly toward the center. This has pushed the Republicans out to a radical fringe. It won't be long before the roles switch again, and Democrats will be the party of the rich, with Republicans trying to derail their corrupt strangle hold on American business. As of today, however, the Democrats are still in their forceful backlash from Republican corruption. The good guys are in charge now, so we should see some good days ahead before things start to sour. If Hillary Clinton is elected president after Obama serves 8 years, I think we'll see things shift for the worse.

  • joe d
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    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    I honestly believe that most African Americans are democrats and I further believe that most African American are extremely racist.

    They even make up races within their own race and discriminate against each other based on whether they are dark or light or red bone.

    I have personally seen how African Americans are fanatical racists against Asians and Latinos

    So, since 60% of the Democrat party are African Americans, I would have to say that the Democrat Party is easily the most racist party in the country, if not the entire world.

    White Democrats are even worse racists. They support abortion, they say it is because of woman's rights, but when alone, they admit that abortion is great at keeping the crime rate down. They also acknowledge that since Roe V. Wade 30 million black Americans have been murdered through democrat sponsored abortions. The Democrats control the public schools and we can all testify to how well that has worked for inner city blacks.

    NOTE: It is idiotic to discuss the republican party in the 1800's and compare it to the party today, those who did so are ignorant.

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  • Anonym
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Conservatives, who were Democrats up until William Jennings Bryan yanked them into liberalism in 1896. In the South, most Democrats were still conservative until 1964. Then the Southern conservatives began switching to the Republican Party.

    Regardless of party, it's been conservatives who've been racist. Yet another reason why conservatism doesn't work.

  • Anonym
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    "....The true history of America's political parties leads inescapably to the disturbing conclusion that neither can claim to be free from a “historical hostility” toward racial minorities. Until well after the Civil War both the Republican and Democratic parties supported unfavorable policies toward racial minorities rooted in the belief in white superiority.6 No matter how hard Kirsanow tries to obscure this truth, his grand historical narrative detailing the feats of a glorious race conscious Republican Party and the misdeeds of the hateful and racist Democratic Party simply crumbles. His approach is anachronistic, misguided and unhelpful.

    Kirsanow’s ahistorical construction of the past is just another attempt to sidestep a serious evaluation of the legacy. It is the equivalent of a political get-out-of-jail-free-card by which contemporary Republicans claim the racial infallibility of the party of Lincoln to avoid coming to terms with the toxic legacy of slavery and racism that continues to pollute contemporary American culture and politics.

    Excerpted from -

    Quelle(n): The Democratic and Republican parties have shifted. What used to be the Democrats are now the Republicans
  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Democrats created the KKK. Democrats created government mandated segregation. Need I say more? The Democrat party was only outdone by the National Socialist Party in Germany

  • Phil M
    Lv 7
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Are you talking about the parties or their supporters?

    You can't take one without the other. The traditional southern region, which has been democrat and republican leaning throughout modern history, is "more" racist than any other region in the US. The Midwest is probably second...

  • Anonym
    vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    Both. The Dems were strong in the south and were the ones that supported secession. The Republicans in the north may have had their slaves outlawed, but they most likely didn't want to have a love in and sing happy songs with black people. Democrats, eventually Dixiecrats, became pissed off with the Democratic party, morally, and became the new Republicans.

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    I wanted to say Republican at first, but I have to say both.

    Both probably do have the same percentage of racists but I think my fellow Democrats try and make believe that they're not. Whereas Republicans seem more open about it.

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