How can i connect 3 diesel genarators.?

We have 5 Distribution sections with variable loads&We have 3 Gensets(500kva,380kva&250kva) our total load is between 400kva to 600kva. so how could we connect 3gensets.

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    Probably easiest to rectify it, then invert it back to AC. Especially if the generator sets were never designed to be synchronised in the first place.

    Alternatively, you could re-arrange your loads. That way you could even probably get rid of one of the generator sets altogether.

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    Use the 2 smaller gensets so they keep a high load on each. Once they are synched together, adjusting the speed of one and not the other will pull more load onto that generator.

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    Generators can be connected in parallel when properly synchronized. Each unit should have the same terminal voltage, the same frequency, same phase sequnce. The generators should be synchronized to a common switchboard with an automatic synchronizer.One unit used as the common standard connected first to the switchboard and the other units are synchronized one after another to the common switchboard.

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    You will need automatic equipment to synchronize and maintain phase lock on all generators. Such equipment is called a Synchroscope.

    It is not possible to connect two AC power systems unless the systems are synchronized.

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    You have to go for an auto-synchronisation and auto-load sharing system.

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