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How many, protons, neutrons and electrons are in Cobalt?

I don't study any of this sort of stuff, and probably seams like a basic question to you guys, wikipedia didnt really help me out. Please help

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    Cobalt is element 27, so there are therefore 27 protons. Therefore there must be the same number of electrons (27).

    The number of neutrons can vary, and the higher up the periodic table; the more neutrons there are. Elements with different numbers of neutrons in their atoms are called isotopes; but Cobalt has only one stable isotope with 32 neutrons. There are unstable Cobalt isotopes, produced in nuclear reactions and nuclear bombs. Cobalt 60, with 33 neutrons is a hazardous radioactive isotope, which has been found in food (particularly milk) following atomic testing. A cobalt laced bomb is a nasty device; because it releases radioactive Cobalt 60 (The 'dirty bomb' of the James Bond 'Goldfinger' movie)

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    If you go to a periodic chart, you can find all of these answers! Cobalt (Co) has an atomic number of 27. That is the number of protons and electrons it has. These same process for nickel (Ni), atomic number 28. Their atomic weights are also given, 58.9 and 58.7. Round those up to the nearest whole number and subtract your atomic number (number of protons) and you get your number of neutrons.

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