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Sometimes I go into myself, my own world if you like. Is this normal or am I starting to go mental?

My girlfriend suggests that I might be a bit mental. I don't think I am, I just go into myself from time to time. It mainly happens when I'm trying to figure something out, it's like a really intense consentration where all I can see is the thing I'm thinking about. Maybe I'm just training to be a genius?!

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    Ignore Insanity comments.

    Going into your own world is normal for most people.

    You're simply blocking things out so you can single out on something.

    You're brain does this to in a way get your undevided attention.

    I wouldn't call it training for genious school,but It is somewhat enhancing your concentration skills.

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    first you need to get happy. Take antidepressants and whatever else a doctor prescribes you- you need to be able to cope and antidepressants do work, just give them time (trust me, I'm on them) also go to counselling/therapy and anything else that might help- I went to a CBT course, something called The Happiness Project, and Hypnotherapy. Second- Change your lifestyle. I went vegan, and the majority of food I eat is fresh and raw (do some research, just changing your diet can do so much for your mentality) and try exercise- I know its a hassle, but something a simple as walking a bit more, swimming and yoga definitely boost your mood.- as does randomly singing and dancing to your pets. Keep a diary and write in it everything everytime you get emotional/angry- sometimes just venting helps. Self harm wise, keep an elastic band around your wrist, and everytime you feel the need tocut or lash out, ping it, and keep pinging til the urge goes away. Going into your own world is completely fine. I do it all the time. You should consider writing- stories or scripts. That much creativity shouldn't go to waste. I'm a loner too, try socialising on facebook or tumblr instead- find more people like you to communicate with. The bloody gory dreams are also fine, I have them too- frequently zombie ones. Maybe its dependant on what you watch/read before you go to bed- try something lighter like comedy maybe? One of my fantasies is my Happy Place- My ideal future life, which is what I think about alot, especially when i get upset. Finally, the werewolf thing- either you have a great overactive imagination, or just a pschological condition that you use to cope- see a psychologist. But if you are fine with it and it doesnt affect you or anyone else then why change? Just focus on being Healthy and Happy and the world around you will bother you less and less

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    Sorry, just seen from your profile that you are indeed an Aquarius..ooops...well I am a blonde Gemini girl! (I was right though!)

    Hmm..I have to ask..what star sign are you? You sound like an Aquarius to me. If you are then do not worry, it is perfectly normal behaviour. It's all about understanding. I bet she worries that you don't love her or care etc when in fact you are just being yourself! Don't think about it too much, this is just who you are.

    Oh, by the way, want to know why I think your an Aquarius? Becuase you think your a genius......all Aquarius people think they are a bit of the genius..and why? Because they are! but please don't tell too many people, it may go to there heads. If you are indeed an Aquarius you may find this helpful..

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    I wouldn't worry about it ... Sometimes I kind of just stare off into the distance when i'm intensely concentrated on something I've got on my mind.... worse comes to worse you're not the only crazy person out there right? lol

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    no dear its not mental

    i also do that sometimes but i suggest for u, try not to do that alot .

    yea sometimes if we think something deeply its good everyone doesnt do that , infact thats the way we become genius

    anyone who says that you are starting to go mental he or she is absloutly wrong

    dont worry , be happy for ever ... :)

    dont thing anything else you are perfect dont go to other sayings

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    It's called "clown mode". It's when you only think about one thing, and you don't care about anything else for the time you are thinking about it. It's completely normal! Don't worry! If you are seriously worried, talk to a doctor.

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    Your not going mental. it may be caused by stress or not getting enough sleep at night. stress or lack of sleep may cause you to have a hard time consentrating.

    Quelle(n): I am a psychologist
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    NORMAL. it's even a sign of greater normality compared to your gf. psychologically, a person who, at times, is in his own world, is more sane than a person who doesnt. it will only become a bit creepy if you begin to go to your own world at the middle of sex or soemthing.

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    I do that too, it's called using your selective hearing to an advantage.

    Most people get distracted by things around them, when you can concentrate deeply on somthing...

    You got a strong mind.

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    I do it all the time, so do both of my children. It is how we figure something out as well. Tell your g/f to take a chill pill and leave you alone :>


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