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why the audience laugh when Joey say Holden McGroin in "Friends"?

Hi, guys, at the end of Episode 21, Season 1 of Friends, there is a dialogue as following:

Casting Director No. 2: Next. (Joey walks onstage)

Joey: Hi, uh, I'll be reading for the role of Mercutio.

Casting Director No. 2: Name?

Joey: Holden McGroin.

I failed to understand why the audience laugh at this dialogue, which, i guess, probably, related to the name-culture in America...

Thanks for your help! :)

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    The joke was set-up earlier when Chandler suggested that Joey use Benito Mussolini as his stage name. Of course, Joey doesn't know that this is the name of the infamous Italian dictator. So in the final scene when he says "Holden McGroin", we realize that poor, clueless Joey has been fooled once again.

  • Anonym
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    Holden Mcgroin

  • vor 5 Jahren

    Holden McGroin was a porn actor... and Joey has been fooled once again... hahaha

  • vor 4 Jahren

    It wasn't Benito Mussolini that Chandler fed him earlier, it was Joseph Stalin.

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  • Anonym
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    Supposed to sound like "holding my groin".

    Anyway you're right to be suspicious, all the "live-audience" shows are filled with canned laughter - they just record people laughing then keep playing it back.

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    holding my groin...

    kinda like an old prank where you get someone at a store to announce over the p.a. system "Mike Hunt" come to register one...which sounds like My C*#nt. yes, sick American humor

  • vor 1 Jahrzehnt

    okay it kind of sounds like:

    Holding my groins (balls, cock), got it.

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