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  • Question to user: __1ओमالله __ says Rajan?

    Apologies to everyone else, i didn't know how else to contact this person.

    Hello Sir, you call me a liar? Tell me what astrology has to do with spirituality. Also if Amir Khan talks about social evils prevailing in India, what that has to do with spirituality. If you can't separate these two things(spirituality and social evils and exploitation in the name of religion), that is not my fault. People are same everywhere. Their minds go down and down if not checked. Astrology is not a question of faith. Its calculations of star positions are correct, only what they conclude is not useful. Becoz ppl are weak, they rely on such things for temporary support to feel good. So astrologers are making their livelihood out of that human weakness. What this has to do with spirituality.

    Is this your logic? Nobody supports any social evil. In the name of religion, if somebody does something wrong, then will u blame the whole religion? What's this logic. Atleast unlike Islam(where u don't stand a chance for any reform), there are many voices in my culture that have raised against these social evils and have fought for them. Raja Rammohan roy, Narayana Guru, Swami Vivekananda to name a few.

    Coming to fake people who are pretending to be real gurus and babas. A thief is a thief anywhere. A fake baba is a misnomer. If you understand what baba means. A fake is a fake. They are very clever ppl who are misusing their knowledge and are misguiding gullible ppl. So what? Atleast TV channels and public are break opening their secrets and putting them in jails if found guilty. Is this not a right attitude of a sane culture unlike trying to hide things and tell everyone that my religion is "perfected". The main thing with Indian Spirituality is it allows a scope for reforms in the social spectrum. How did u think all the social reforms have ever happened. I am very proud that I make mistakes and realise them. Not pretending as if it has never existed. Now u see the attitude of Indian culture.

    If you are here with an agenda to demean other religions and prove urs alone is the ONE TRUE PATH, i just pity you. But if you are here to seek for knowledge and help others with right information, then u will understand what i am trying to say.

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