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  • How well do used BMW's fare as first cars?

    Hi, I'm looking around at cars for when I go to college, and tried looking into used BMW's as first starter cars. The thing is, I really don't have any experience choosing vehicles, or whether a used BMW for less than $8000 would make a good deal.

    So far, from what I know, BMW's are:

    -> Expensive to fix/maintain

    -> Generally pretty reliable

    From what I've seen around my area in terms of used car sales. There are a LOT of 2000-2004 BMW 3 series for sale. Usually less than $7000, and having 130k + miles on them. Are these cars generally adequate for first time cars?

    I don't and can't afford something that will have serious reliability issues. Although I know BMW is somewhat reputed for reliability, I don't know how well these older cars with lots of milage will hold up.

    If anyone knows someone who tried the same thing for a first car, or generally has some solid advice on the matter, please comment!

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  • Want to learn German. Already know French, how hard?

    English is my first language, and I can read/write/speak without issue.

    I also speak, read, and write(considerably well) French. I was raised with French, so I don't have much of an accent either.

    That being said, how hard is it to learn German with these languages already learnt?

    I know that for an only-english speaker, German grammar will be difficult because of the genders or something.

    Considering french also has a gender system to it's grammar, how difficult will it then be to take on?

    I know this is a question asked quite a bit: "How hard to learn X language", but I wish to know what benefits knowing another one might have in conjunction with English.

    Thanks, that would be all.

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  • What inhibit's Unix based OS's from running games well?

    It's no big secret that Linux and OSX have never been the chosen OS's of choice for gaming systems . But what exactly is stopping these operating systems from running them?

    I know that most games are written with Windows in mind, simply because the market is so much bigger there. Also, Window's DirectX allows programmers to directly access the GPU. But that aside, why haven't any fairly impressive titles been made for other Operating Systems like the Unix based bunch?

    Is it because they lack the capacity to allow programmers to interact with the GPU on the level directx allows? Or is it just because nobody could be bothered to really invest time and money into making something that would really run efficiently on those platforms?

    Guess that's it.

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  • What big motorcycle rallies/events are there?

    Aside from the Isle of Man TT, which is super expensive and hard to get into, what other events exist?

    Preferably supersport style ones where the bikes involved are mostly sport bikes.

    600CC and up or whatnot. I just don't know of any other big events, can anyone help?

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  • Is Ducati a good quality brand?

    I've heard the Italian Manufacturer produced delicate motorcycles with no performance edge over rivaling Japanese bikes and is difficult to repair due to the rarity of parts.

    But are the bikes themselves decent quality? I mean, I'm hoping one day to buy myself a

    899 Panigale , but I'm hoping for it's $15,000 price tag it won't just fall apart. And if a technical issue does arise on a bike, is it that hard to fix it yourself?

    If not Ducati, I may just go with an equivalent BMW bike or something. But does anyone own Ducati, or have an unbiased opinion on purchasing said bike?


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  • University fields concerning writing code?

    I've got applications for universities coming up and I'm having the hardest time trying to find the correct name for the field I want to study. I write Python, I love doing it. I want to pursue a career that does or involves writing code. But it seems like every damn institution calls it something different. Is it Software Engineering? Computer engineering? Networking specialist? I mean, you can absolutely specialize In networking if you have the know how to manipulate it via your own code. What am I to look for?

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  • Are you allowed to fire on somebody stealing your vehicle in public?

    Let's say you have a weapon on you, that you are carrying legally. If you were at a cafe or something and you saw somebody break into your vehicle and start it up, or begin taking it away, are you allowed to fire on them?

    It would be in a public location, and not on your property.

    I don't think you can, but does anybody know?

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  • What benefits do motorcycles offer over a car?

    I used to ride bikes a lot when I was young, (bicycles) but stopped at around age 13. So I know how two wheeled vehicles handle to a certain extent. (I've sat on a motorbike before, WAY heavier than a bicycle though)

    I want to know what benefits a motorcycle might offer me compared to a car. I did a little reading up, and found out that:

    1: They aren't really much more fuel effecient than cars at all

    2: The odds of getting killed/severely injured is way higher than with cars.

    I had an aunt die in a crash when she was younger, and my family has told me to flat out avoid motorcycles, but considering I'll be done with school soon and likely moving to live alone while studying, I was wondering if a motorcycle would be a worthy investment to save money.

    I'm naive on this topic for sure, but I don't really feel like the hassle of a car is for me. But then again, maybe It's for the best I try to get a car..

    If anyone has any insight on my situation or can answer based on having owned a motorcycle / tried the same thing, that would be great.

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  • Physics Question (Energy Change)?

    I'm doing some review, and I stumbled upon this practice question:

    A rocket is fired upwards at 12 ms-1

    How high does it go?

    What is it's velocity at 3 m above the ground?

    *I have no mass, no time, and no other information provided. How do I solve it?

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  • How to make an application?

    I've got a bunch of scripts that operate as a program that I wrote.

    For now they are stored in a single folder with various subfolders, and I can launch them via a shortcut I made.

    However, I notice all programs installed have an 'application' widget(?) and their launcher appears in the start menu.

    I can create an installer to place my folders where I want, but how can I make my program appear as an application with the associated icon (I can create one via another program)?

    Running Windows 7

    Any ideas?

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  • Physics problem help. (Please do..)?

    Problem 1:

    The displacement of a mass undergoing Simple Harmonic Motion is given as: x = xo coswt.

    Show that v = +/- w square root [ x0^2 - x^2].

    Problem 2:

    A mass of 1.5 kg is undergoing SHM.

    Amplitude: 0.5m

    Mass: 1.5kg

    A: What is the maximum restoring force?

    B: What is the magnitude of the restoring force when the mass is 0.25m from it's original position/

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  • Help with math problem?

    Hey, I'm trying to get a linear slope on a graph for momentum, and so I derrived this equation to help me do so.

    p = m*v

    1/p = m/v

    Now how can I get it so p = to one against the other?

    The graph needs to have Y against X, so P can't be just (mv)

    How could I change it so that I've got p = something divided against something.

    Would it be p = m/(1/v) ? or p = (1/m) / (1/v) ?

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  • Python Network Question: How can I get my client to connect over the net?

    I followed a pretty basic tutorial on Sockets, and wrote a small script that allows me to connect over LAN to another computer, and I can connect to myself on my own computer (Little pointless)

    The problem is that I need it to connect over the internet to the client piece of software I wrote. Except the client can never find my connection.

    This is where I get confused, he obviously cannot enter in my local IP, as it doesn't exist on his network. He's going to have to use my routers external IP.

    But then how, will the client be able to know which computer to connect to when he enters the external IP of my network, there could be 3-4 different computers on it.

    I have it so that I define the port he is to connect over, except despite having the same ports entered in, nothing worked.

    Can someone help?

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  • Is there anything I can do to be better at maths..?

    Don't feed me the bullsh*t about anyone being able to do anything.

    I've always been terrible at maths, even though I score well in tests I studied for recently.

    My physics high level grades are a wreak, I'm failing the course, my math grade last semester was also a f*cking wreak.

    Based off PSAT scores, and some IQ type test, I score below average in mathematics, and therefore I am pretty much screwed for the rest of my science classes and essentially for life.

    All I ever wanted, was to be good at it. And I-always-f*cking-sucked.

    I' think its about time I just realize I'm not intellectually capable of doing it. And I'm so frustrated by it. Its my goal, and its crushed by these background tests that tell me I'm stupid.

    I'm at about a 40/100 , where 50 is the average.

    I don't know what to do, I don't believe the lie that anyone can be good at anything, it's not true. Some people are just stupid, and I guess I am one of them.

    Its nice to see the smart kids do well though, although I feel a sickly sort of sadness that I can never be that..

    Just going to ask one more time, despite my conclusion that it is futile, if there is anything I can really do to be better?

    It's probably got to do with genetics, and I guess I get the sh*tty ones for that.

    screw me..

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  • What would be the most likely outcome if North Korea successfully launched a ballistic missile towards the US?

    It's cropped up in the news again, this time outlining a third nuclear test or whatnot. With an apparently smaller warhead. Some speculate it is being tested for the use of fitting one to a ICBM.

    Provided North Korea, in all it's instability, somehow got around to actually launching an ICBM aimed at the United States west coastline, what exactly would be the following events to such an attack?

    I know that the US seems to have some ICBM defensive systems. (high altitude jets which disrupt the rockets fuel tanks via powerful laser systems) and whatnot.

    Regardless of whether the missile would actually make it and accomplish its mission. What would most likely occur in the instances that followed?

    Would North Korea have already attempted to invade the South at the same time it launched the rocket. (Because they would not have long before western forces would react) Or would it lock itself up and begin shelling the South yet retain its forces to maintain the defensive bonus?

    What exactly do you believe would happen preceding a North Korean attack? What would the Chinese do?

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  • How to games render real time assets?

    Like lighting effects, particle effects, and textures?

    Why does it take me up to a minute to render a scene in my 3D program that contains a decent amount of lighting effects while games to it instantly and smoothly?

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  • How can I use my Amazon Gift Card to buy something?

    I've got my own Amazon account, but no credit card attached.

    I just want to pre-order a digital download using my gift card account balance. But every time I try to pre-order it brings me to a page asking for a credit card. I don't want to have wasted all these gift cards and not be able to buy everything. How can i get the download using the so called 'account balance I now have'?

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  • Solving for K in a quadratic (One solution)?

    The formula is:

    kx^2 +3x+1=0

    Find the value for K.

    How might I get about doing this?

    I know A =k B=3 and C=1

    I can use B^2-4ac to solve for K?

    I got 2.25, but it seems incorrect....

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  • Is Saturn's moon, Titan, located near the asteroid belt around Saturn?

    I'm curious as I am creating a 3d animation, and I don't want to represent Titan incorrectly, could I have a link or explanation to it's position near Saturn?

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  • Latent Heat Physics Question!!?

    I'm utterly confused right now.

    The question goes: 500 grams of Ice at 0 degrees Celsius is melted into 500 grams water at 0 degrees Celsius. How much heat energy is required to do this?

    Okay, that's nice. Now what was I given to solve this?

    A formula: l = Delta Q/ m

    Or rather: Q = heat added


    Change in heat added / mass gives me latent heat.

    Alright, but what change in heat added? How does that even correlate with this question?

    I could make it change in heat. But I don't know how much heat was added or what the change was. That's the question.

    If I were to rearrange for Delta Q, I get Delta Q = Latent Heat * mass.

    But what is it's latent heat?

    It makes no sense in my mind. I already checked the material he gave us and this formula is about the extent of it when it comes to latent heat.

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