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  • Where should I buy jeans? :)?

    I'm looking for new jeans since school is right around the corner. :)

    I've tried jeans from American Eagle and PacSun, but I haven't found any that I'm crazy about. I'm considering trying Hollister, but I'm not too sure. I would prefer something that isn't too ridiculously expensive, either.

    I usually wear very skinny jeans, but lately I'm interested in either jeggings or straight leg ones.

    Any recommendations for where I should look or what I should try? :)

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  • Hollister jeggings or super skinny jeans?

    Which would you recommend? I've never tried jeggings, but I would like to. I'm afraid they'll stretch out quickly though. :/ And I don't find skinny jeans very comfortable since they're so tight and restricting, but I feel like they're more durable and will be more worth the money. Which should I go with?

    Also, I'm usually a size 5 in jeans. Would I just stick with a 5 from Hollister?

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  • Is 12h x 11w x 7d big enough for a regular school bag?

    I found a tote online and those are the dimensions, but I don't know if it would be suitable for a school bag. I need a little extra room, but my bag doesn't need to be huge. Thoughts? (:

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  • Where could I find cute character hoodies for women?

    I love those hoodies that have the ears or bows or whatever on the hoods and down the backs and stuff. (: Where could I get one? I've seen a few at So So Happy and Hot Topic, but is there anywhere else someone could recommend?

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  • How old do you think is too old to wear..?

    I'm just looking for opinions here. (: I'm 15, a sophomore in high school, and about 40% of my clothes are from Hollister, Abercrombie, or American Eagle, which I think is fine and very appropriate for high school. But then I was thinking about college students, and was considering if college was too old for those brands.

    So I decided I think college is fine for the previous brands, but after college it would be a no-go. I don't see myself wearing a lot of their tees or anything by college, unless it was for sleep or worn-wear. Though I have some sweaters and jeans that I could see myself wearing for quite a while.

    I was just wondering what you guys thought about this. (:

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  • Is it ignorant for me to choose a career choice this way?

    I've always been very interested in criminal justice or psychology, and decided I will most likely end up doing something in one of those categories. I've thought about bounty hunting, regular police, FBI, psychologist, etc., and decided by far my choice would be working with the BAU as a profiler. I didn't know this section of the FBI existed until I saw the show Criminal Minds.

    I know it's stupid to make a career choice on a television show, so I did research and will continue to, to figure out if that's actually what I want to work towards (which I'm very certain I do so far).

    Is it still ignorant for me to even consider or find out about a career through the television?

    Ps, I'm 15 too so it's very likely I'll end up changing my mind a thousand times before I actually get to where I need to pick something, but I want some opinions if you don't mind. (: Thank you!

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  • Where could I get clothes like this?

    I want to dress more like Spencer Reid, from Criminal Minds. You know, button downs, cardigans, and maybe a tie or two. The thing is, I'm a girl haha, and I can't seem to find button downs for less than $60. Obviously I can't afford even one of those sensibly, so could anyone recommend a place?

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  • What should I do to know myself?

    I don't know how to define myself. I see someone I admire and suddenly want to be just like them, and it changes me, like I'm trying to fit into a mold that just doesn't work because I'm me, not them.

    I'm only 15 and I'm having really bad worries about being myself and who that is. I freeze up when people ask me to describe myself, because I don't even know where to start.

    How can I close this for myself? I just want to be a kid and be myself without worrying about defining it or if it will be good enough.

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  • How can I get over this?

    Last summer I met a guy, and we both liked each other quite a bit. I was 14, though, and he turned 18 halfway through the time I knew him. That didn't stop us from liking each other, but I was still like, "Okay, that's too much." But didn't say anything.

    He asked me to a movie and I said yes, even though I knew it was against my better judgement and I really didn't want to. I asked my mom if I could go, and she said no.

    I'm so glad she did, because she stopped me from making a huge mistake. I had a talk with her and my dad about it, and even though it took a few months for it to seem like they both still loved me, I'm not over it.

    As in, I can't believe I was so stupid. It's the only thing in my life I truly regret, and it kills me every day. How can I move past this, and respect myself again?

    Ps, we never did anything more than talk and text.

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  • English assignment help?

    I'm in English Honors so I got a summer reading assignment this year. I'm supposed to read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, and then for every few chapters I read, write a few sentences about it. Like any questions or predictions I have.

    It's such a hard book for me to understand. I've read the first two chapters, and I have no idea what's going on. All my writing is about how confused I am and how I haven't a clue what's happening.

    How can I complete this assignment if I don't even understand the book?

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  • I have a friend problem..?

    So there's a great friend of mine who I usually love to death. :) The trouble is, she doesn't treat me the same way.

    For example, at the end of last school year she became majorly rude to me. She was very stressed out because of exams and her other friends (who she CONSTANTLY complains are terrible to her, yet chooses to speak to over myself when we're all in a class together), and our choir teacher and I noticed. So of course our teacher asked her about it when we were alone in lessons and she said nothing was wrong.

    I spoke up and said something like, "Yeah, you've seemed pretty off the past few days, is anything wrong?" I'm trying to be there for her and later she gets SO pissed at me, saying "It wasn't my place to say anything."

    Next, for our Marathon dance, we were in the same group. I was reminding her on Facebook that we need to get going on our props, I can take over some of it to get it done, etc." And she tells me that she's got it under control, whatever.

    She was completely taking rein of a GROUP project that I wanted to be a big part in. Oh, and this was before the choir teacher thing.

    I'm not over the "It's not your place" thing, but she seems to have gotten past that. It really, really hurt my feelings and I don't want to seem like I'm digging up old wounds to throw at her.

    Also, she's the most passive aggressive person I've ever met. She will never tell you if she has a problem with you, she'll probably talk about it with other people.

    She wants to hang out now with me and another best friend of mine soon, but I'm sooo hesitant to because I don't want to end up having a terrible time and find she hasn't gone back to the person I knew before.

    What should I do? I kind of want to space our friendship and move on.

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  • I can't remember the name of this song!?

    There was a boy with long black, greasy-ish hair. I think it was by a not-so-well-known band.

    He was singing to a girl about "Your love" or something? The title sounded kind of awkward for a song name for me?

    The music video was set in a courtroom and like an interrigation cell? Girls kept hitting on him all over the place and he kept singing to this one girl?

    Does anyone have an idea of what I'm talking about? DD:

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  • Do Mane&Tail hair products actually make your hair grow?

    I don't want to waste my money buying this stuff if it doesn't usually work. I know everything doesn't work for everyone, but does it work for most people? All I want is my hair to grow a bit faster.

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  • Tori Vega's clothes on Victorious?

    So as most people these days, I adore Tori Vega's clothes on Victorious. :) I've found a few pairs of her jeans, but they're beyond expensive.

    I already prefer shopping at places like TJ Maxx, Forever 21, etc., which is where I've been referred to before, and have already found similar stuff that I love.

    My question is about how to put outfits that capture her style together? I usually find a shirt or something that I think fits her perfectly, but then I have no idea what to match it with or finish the look with. Any suggestions?

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  • Cute, easy overnight hairstyles?

    I'm going on a trip with a program I'm in for two consecutive nights, and I usually style my hair in the morning with a blow dryer and a hair straightener. I don't want to have to pack all of that, since it's just a hassle when I'm away from home.

    My natural hair is really crazy, haha, it's wavy and curly and everything, but not in a very pretty way I could pull off. Also, my hair is very, very layered and is just around my shoulders, so it's hard to braid or anything like that.

    There are showers available, obviously, haha, so there isn't the problem of having greasy hair.

    Does anyone have any ideas of some quick, preferably cute hairstyles I could do or use to just get it out of my way on this trip?

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  • Make my hair grow faster?

    I want my hair to grow much longer than it is, but whenever I try to, it gets to just about past my shoulders and it stops. I know there isn't much I can do to help it grow excessively faster, but are there any small things I could try?

    I straighten my hair every single day, so that's probably part of it, maybe..? So if I took a few weeks off of straightening it altogether, would that help at all?

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