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  • Why do African Americans tend to be so homophobic?

    Honest, serious question, no offense

    intended. I am European (straight btw) but I have lived in the US for some time and I don t get this. I understand that some black folks tend to be more conservative and more religious than white Americans and might therefore

    dislike gay people but many Latinos are also pretty religious and yet, they seem more easy-going about gay people.

    In fact, I've made some experiences where black people in my opinion - tooootally overreacted. One of these

    experiences was this:

    One time during a trip through the US I was in a public bathroom. The only other person in there was a black guy that I knew a little bit from that trip. When I was already standing at sink, washing my hands, the guy started to casually chat with me while he was still peeing at the urinal. Because I had been addressed, I did what to me seemed natural and

    polite and what I would have done with any other guy, also back in Europe: I turned around to face him (from the side), in order to look into his eyes when talking to him. Totally unexpectedly, his mood suddenly changed completely and he freaked out on me. He screamed at me "hey, what s wrong with bro? What are you looking at my c***??? Are you a fa**ot or what??" I got scared and abruptly left the bathroom.

    There are also pranks on youtube where a guy goes to the "hood" and asks black people if they want "some d**k. It's just a silly joke, yet many of them totally freak out about merely being asked that. Why is that?

  • Why has "Shades of Gray" been so successful?

    I've read that it was mostly hugely successful due to the fact that it was such a taboo-breaker. But that makes me wonder: is BDSM really still such a taboo?? I mean, come on... I'm not into painful sex myself but hasn't everyone, even the most boring housewife, watched a kinda rough porn at some time in their life or at least thought what it would be like to be strapped to the bed and such? I've heard most fans of this book are women. No offense but what sort of boring sex lives/ fantasies do these women have if they get shocked about this type of fetish? Hasn't it crossed everyone's mind at one point, even if you're not into that?? When I heard about the novel for the first time, the only thing that shocked me was the fact that so many people went bananas about it although it's really poorly written apparently.

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  • Would you trade your loved ones for money?

    Imagine this: At a reunion of some kind, an old friend approaches you with a very unusual offer. Together with a few other people, he conceived a plan for the heist of the century. The plan is 100% foolprove and will definitely work out. The chances of being caught are extremely small and the reward for each of the participants consists of millions of dollars (think ocean's eleven). More, than you will ever be able to spend in your lifetime. Your friend has even conceived a brilliant plan for an escape. The problem: you must go abroad. You can freely choose your new home country and you will be able to actually make use of the money. So you can buy a mansion in southern France or a luxury apartment in Tokyo (or both). You could eat in gourmet restaurants, sit in the first row of concerts and sport matches and fly first class to whatever places you fancy. The world would lie at your feet, financially speaking. However, you would have to completely give up all your loved ones: your parents, siblings, best friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife... Everyone. You would never be able to call or write them again after escaping because the FBI would be able to track you down (but ONLY in that case). Would you accept or refuse?

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  • Könntet ihr in einem nicht-westlichen Land leben?

    Könntet ihr in einem Land leben, dessen Kultur völlig anders ist als diejenige, in der ihr aufgewachsen seid? Und wenn ja, in welchem?

    Weltregionen, die nicht gelten:

    - Europa

    - USA/Kanada

    - Ozeanien (Australien/Neuseeland)

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  • Girlfriend doesn't like getting head?

    Okay so I really love giving head to girls. I actually like it better than receiving blowjobs. I think I just get very turned on by spoiling the girl during sex. I could lie there for hours, pleasing her. Unfortunately, my long-term girlfriend doesn't like being licked. She says it's not really her thing and it doesn't feel special. She prefers me just touching her or skipping the foreplay completely and directly go to sex but I find that a little sad. What can I do?

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  • What's wrong about girls sleeping around?

    Almost every guy likes sleeping around. Not all of them get the chance, but they do enjoy day-dreaming about having sex with lots of different girls (I would know, I'm a guy myself). Yet, every girl who has sex with lots of guys is called a slut. Even crazier: Even fellow women call such girls sluts. What's wrong with people? What about that whole equal rights stuff? And why do people constantly say sleeping around is too dangerous when clearly, there are hundreds of ways to protect yourself from disease and pregnancy and most people actually do protect themselves?

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  • Why do people find singing children creepy?

    We all know it from horror movies we ve watched because we like them or because our best friends thought it s a cool way to pass time on rainy saturday nights: singing children. The theme of children dancing in circles, holding each other by the hands and singing nursery songs can be incredibly powerful and creepy (sometimes we just hear the singing from the off and we already get scared). But what s exactly creepy about kids? Aren t they the most harmless of all human beings? Why would the whole scene become funny/weird instead of creepy if the children were exchanged with body builders or armed FBI-agents?

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  • Quick English help please...?

    What verb could I use for this sentence: "The long beaches are xxx by rocky cliffs"

    I'm trying to say that the sandy part of the beach is temporarily stopped and becomes a rocky cliff, only to go back to become a typical sand beach again (this happens several times along the beach). I'm looking for something like "intermitted" but that doesn't sound completely right.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Je suis Suisse allemande et je cherche de bon Hiphop français...?


    Excusez mon français s'il vous plaît, je suis Suisse allemande et je ne reçois pas souvent l'opportunité de pratiquer mon français. J'amais bien la langue française et la musique française. Je cherche de la musique française qu'il se situe politiquement à la gauche est qu'il est sociocritique. Je suis particulièrement à la recherche de Hiphop, mais autres genres tels que le Rock ou singer-songwriter sont aussi bons.

    Hier soir, je suis été dans une bar avec des amis quand j'ai écouté la musique d'un rappeur qui s'appelle Passi (j'ai lui ne su pas jusque-là). J'ai trouvé sa musique bien et je voudrais savoir que ses paroles sont proche de quoi je cherche. Mais je suis aussi ouvert à des autres suggestions.

    Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!

  • Trying to come up with a word - native English speakers please help?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently writing a paper in English and have been trying to come up with a word for a long time already. I'm not an English native myself, so I was wondering if someone here could help me out.

    I'm looking for a word that describes "fear" (an adjective). It should mean something like "hard to define/pinpont", something "unclear and/or mysterious"

    The sentence goes something like: "His obsession is caused by a xxx fear."

    What I mean to say is that one can't exactly say where the fear comes from or what this person actually fears, it's just some very unclear but in a way strong (perhaps even creepy) fear that comes from deep within that person.

    Can I use "elusive"? Like "His obsession is caused by a subtle and elusive fear that stems from deep within him."?

    Or what other words are there?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Why are hookers so despised among a lot of Americans?

    I'm not American myself, so this is why I ask this question. Many times when I'm surfing on American forums and people talk about prostitutes, they seem to despise them like crazy. Also, I've made several experiences in real life where I talked to Americans who condescended very much towards prostitutes. Already the fact that promiscuous women are often called "whores" on forums such as this one speaks volumes. Not only do many people obviously find it okay for guys to be promiscuous but not for girls, which is a huge double standard, but also would they use a slang term for "prostitute" as a swear word for promisuous women. The fact that they use words such as "whore" for name calling means that they consider prostitutes to be something very bad, someone you should hate and condescend to.

    Now, I wonder why that is. Prostitution may be not be the most socially accepted type of work there is, but it is one of the oldest jobs in the world. Moreover, hookers probably work hard than most other people. Anyone can sit behind a desk and act smart but how many people can have multiple times of sex every day with people they don't fancy and still act as though they'd be having tons of fun? I don't despise prostitutes. In fact, I have a great amount of respect for them. Way more than for slick bankers and sneaky lawyers in expensive suits. I believe hookers should receive much more credit for the job they perform and for the social discrimination they put up with.

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  • What if your fiancé asked you to have an open relationship...?

    Imagine you're just a few days away from getting married, when out of the blue, your fiancé tells you in a quiet moment that he/she does still want to marry you, but only under the condition that you two will establish an open relationship. He/she will furthermore tell you that this is not some silly idea they spontaniously came up with but rather something they had been thinking of for a long time. What if your fiancé told you that he/she loves you very much but can't bear the idea of only having sex with one single person for the rest of their lives and that he/she is scared of cheating on you sooner or later. How would you react?

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  • Wenn Gott wirklich existiert...?

    1. Wenn Gott wirklich existiert, weshalb kann er sich mir dann nur als imaginäre Stimme in meinem Kopf mitteilen? Weshalb kann ich ihn nicht einfach anrufen oder er schreibt mir ein Email? Sollte ja für einen Gott nicht grauenhaft schwierig sein. Oder er könnte sich wenigstens so mitteilen, dass ihn andere Leute auch hören. Dann hätten wir auch nicht mehr das Problem, dass sich Gläubige vorwerfen lassen müssen, sie seien bloss schizophren.

    2. Wenn Gott wirklich existiert, weshalb soll ich dann überhaupt noch zu ihm beten und mit ihm reden? Wenn ich wissen will, ob er etwas okay findet oder nicht, kann ich ja die Bibel lesen. Ist er einsam?

    3. Wenn Gott wirklich existiert, weshalb lässt er es dann zu, dass ausgerechnet seine vehementesten Befürworter grösstenteils ungebildet und ignorant sind? 98% aller Mitglieder der American Academy of Science, der prestigeträchtigsten Wissenschaftsorganisation der USA, definierten sich in einem Survey als "nicht religiös" bzw. atheistisch. Umgekehrt bekämpfen Evangelikale seit jeher wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt, wo sie nur können und lehnen wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse (bsp. Evolutionstheorie) als "Schwachsinn" ab. Dabei würden auch sie ohne diesen naturwissenschaftlichen Fortschritt heute noch in Erdlöchern hausen und mit 30 an irgendeiner Infektion sterben. Welchen zivilisatorischen Nutzen oder Fortschritt hat uns die Bibel bisher gebracht? Wenn Gott wirklich existiert, weshalb schart er dann so viele Idioten um sich?

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  • Why do so many people in the U.S. marry so early?

    Maybe it's just a misrepresentation but I've read this sooo often on internet forums with a lot of Americans "my wife is 27 and..." or "I've been together with my husband for 6 years now, we're both 24..." etc. The terms "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" only seem to correlate with people under the age of 21 or 22. Also, I've lived in America for a long time as a teenager and I know quite a lot of old high school friends from those days who are already married now (I am 25 years old). I find this a bit peculiar to be honest. I've been in a long-term relationship for several years now but I don't think I would want to marry just yet (and certainly not at age 22 or 23). My girlfriend thinks the same. My girlfriend is from east Asia where people usually marry relatively late. The factors that are generally considered important are: finish university, have a secure job and live on your own - then it's acceptable to marry. This usually happens when people are between 28-32. In western Europe, where I am from, the whole thing is more liberal (similar to the US). There are no "cultural rules" that you should adhere to in order to make your parents/relatives happy. If you want to marry while still in college, that's completely okay with most parents. However, for some reason almost noone chooses to do that. Young people usually just end up marrying around the age of 30 anyway. When I ask my friends (also those in serious relationships) if they'd like to marry soon, they all say "hell no! I wanna have fun... be crazy... there will be more than enough time in my life to be married!" Really the only people who end up marrying very early on in Europe are members of sects or just extremely religious people. But when I look around in the U.S., it seems like so many completely average people get married so early on. How come?

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  • What is the name of this old arcade game?

    At least I think it's arcade. The screen basically shows a wall of bricks in different colors that is placed in midair. The player gets a ball and a "paddle". You're supposed to hit away all the bricks with the ball without losing the it (you always have to catch it again with the paddle at the bottom of the screen). There are a lot of levels and as you progress, the brickwall looks different in every level (different shape) and it becomes more difficult. What's the name of this game again? I think it's quite old already but I wanna play it online if possible...

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  • Why do many people misunderstand the term "agnostic"?

    Interestingly, particularly people who call themselves "agnostic" but also many others seem to misunderstand the definition of "agnostic". Many self-defined agnostics believe that agnosticism is similar to "sitting on the fence". You don't think of yourself as religious but you also don't want to go to the other extreme of outing yourself to be an atheist, so you just say "I'm a agnostic". Also, many people believe that agnostics are some kind of moderate, mild version of an atheist. In this definition, atheists are considered as die-hard debaters, while agnostics still cherish mutual respect. However, both approaches are simply wrong. Atheism and Agnosticism are not hard and mild forms for the same question but rather, they address different questions. Agnosticism is about knowing things, atheism about believe them. There are only two possible anwers on the question "Do you believe god exists?", either you believe it or you don't. If you respond "I'm not sure", you're basically going off topic because you're now talking about your knowledge rather than your belief. In fact, almost all people would categorize themselves as agnostics, regardless of being atheists or followers of a religion. Most people would argue that although they believe in god/they don't believe in god, they can't actually know it. There are very few people who define themselves as "gnostic believers" (they know god exists and they also believe it) or "gnostic atheists" (they know god doesn't exist and there don't believe it). Almost all agnostic people who don't know what the word really means are actually atheists. Now, being an atheist myself, I wonder why this is so hard to understand for so many people?

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  • Experiencing racism: what would you have done?

    Hello everyone!

    Please no stupid/silly answers as this is a very sad and serious topic.

    And I'm sorry if this is going to be a little long.

    I currently live in South Korea with my girlfriend who is Korean. I am from Switzerland myself and we've been dating for around 3 years (planning to get married at one point). We're both 24 years old. I'm currently doing my M.A., she has finished her B.A..

    Now, I really enjoy living in Korea. I love the culture and the language, the food, the history etc.. However, there are also things that unfortunately, I really hate here. One of these things is that many people are extremely conservative and racism is still quite common (though oftentimes subtle).

    Today evening, I was standing with my girlfriend in a subway stop, waiting for the train. Suddenly, this approx. 50-year old guy approached her and started talking to her. I could immediately tell that she felt very uncomfortable, but because I didn't exactly understand it (I haven't been living here for long, so my Korean is still quite basic), I just let it go on for a while. After some time, I could try that my girlfriend was trying to fetch my arm and walk away, but the guy kept following her and raising his voice (he didn't seem drunk or tipsy). I politely asked in English "Is there a problem?" to which he gave me a very ugly smile and said "No! No problem!" Then he continued talking to my girlfriend. After some more time, the talk got extremely heated. And suddenly, my girlfriend couldn't hold it anymore and bursted out crying and yelled at him. This practically never happens with her towards other Koreans, since saving your face is considered profoundly important in Korea. I realized that this wasn't a friendly talk. I went up to the guy and asked "Okay, what's the problem??" Again, he responded "No problem". Looking at my girlfriend crying and him yelling I got loud too and said "Well obviously we have a problem here!" To which he answered "Shut up you asShole!" I first couldn't believe my ears. Before I couldn't even say anything, he also called my girlfriend a "dirty b?tch". The rest of the story is quickly summarized. I got super, super angry. I'm usually a quiet person, but I have a deep voice, so I can be loud and scary if I want to. I yelled at him saying that I won't accept him talking to us like this. I also told him to get away several times. After he kept swearing, I also dropped a couple of F-bombs and some other four-letter words. I was extremely pissed. The guy was almost a foot shorter than me and I felt like punching him really badly but I'm a very peaceful person and I've never been violent in my life. So I just yelled at him like crazy and of course everyone was looking at us and eventually, he walked away mumbling some more mean words. After I comforted my girlfriend, I asked her what EXACTLY he was saying. It turned out that he was swearing at her for dating a caucasian guy. He called her terrible things in Korean of which I don't want to repeat many. He just for example said that she was "a dirty b?tch" and "worthless" and "garbage" and saying things like "I will take a picture of you and put it on the internet, so everyone can see what kind of white parasites you date." He also said that "I can't believe that a girl who looks so nice is such a whore to date such a white piece of garbage. Why are girls so dirty these days? Why can't you date a decent Korean guy?"

    Reflecting on it, the whole thing reminds me of the 1950s and 1960s in the U.S.. Although the hatred was mostly about me, because he considered me to be worthless for the single reason that I'm caucasian, indirectly his hatred was also against my girlfriend because she is together with me. It reminds me of people in America in the old days hating on black guys and any girl who would date or be married to a black guy would immediately be considered all kinds of horrific things just because her boyfriend/husband has a different ethnicity.

    So what would you have done in that situation?? I suddenly understand what it feels like when you experience racism yourself. It's terrible. It makes you sick and sad and angry. You start doubting everything about yourself. We didn't do anything "offensive" like kissing in public or hugging, we were just holding hands and talking to each other. And yet, racism is this thing that you just can't get around. If you have the "wrong" ethnicity, that's already reason enough for some people to hate you.

    I'm really curious what you guys think. I would also be curious to here the opinions of some African American people on here...

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  • Was wären gute Personen und Themen für eine dritte Staffel von "Die Deutschen"?

    Falls ihr die TV-Geschichtsdoku-Serie "Die Deutschen" kennt, nähme es mich Wunder, was ihr darüber denkt. Ich finde die Doku-Reihe nämlich absolut genial (obwohl ich kürzlich gelesen habe, dass die zweite Staffel nicht mehr so erfolgreich gewesen sei). Ausserdem würde es mich interessieren, ob ihr gute Ideen für Personen und Themen hättet, die man in einer dritten Staffel noch benutzen könnte, ohne dass man zu viel von früheren Staffeln repetieren würde. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass Deutschland eine derart reiche Geschichte hat, dass sich doch da noch 10 spannende Personen/Themen finden lassen müssten, oder? Ich würde nämlich wahnsinnig gerne noch eine 3. Staffel sehen :-).

    Hier eine Aufstellung über die Personen und Themen, die bereits Verwendung fanden:

    Staffel 1

    Episode 1: "Otto und das Reich" (über Otto den Grossen), Episode 2: "Heinrich und der Papst" (über Heinrich den IV. und den Investiturstreit), Episode 3: "Barbarossa und der Löwe" (über Friedrich "Barbarossa"), Episode 4: "Luther und die Nation" (Martin Luther), Episode 5: Wallenstein und der Krieg (über Wallenstein und den Dreissigjährigen Krieg), Episode 6: "Preussens Friedrich und die Kaiserin" (über Friedrich den Grossen und Maria Theresia), Episode 7: "Napoleon und die Deutschen", Episode 8: "Robert Blum und die Revolution" (über 1848), Episode 9: "Bismarck und das Deutsche Reich", Episode 10: "Wilhelm und die Welt" (über Wilhelm II. und den 1. WK)

    Staffel 2:

    Episode 1: "Karl der Grosse und die Sachsen", Episode 2: "Friedrich der II. und der Kreuzzug" (Kreuzzüge), Episode 3: "Hildegard von Bingen und die Macht der Frauen", Episode 4: "Karl der IV. und der schwarze Tod" (Pestepidemie 1348/1349), Episode 5: "Thomas Müntzer und der Krieg der Bauern" (als Gegenpart zu Martin Luther), Episode 6: "August der Starke und die Liebe", Episode 7: "Karl Marx und der Klassenkampf", Episode 8: "Ludwig der II. und die Bayern", Episode 9: "Rosa Luxemburg und die Freiheit", Episode 10: "Gustav Stresemann und die Republik" (Weimarer Republik)

    Als Randbemerkung: Für alle, die die Doku auch super finden und ausserdem gut Englisch können: Es gibt auch eine Englische Doku-Serie dazu. Eigentlich wurde die Deutsche sogar von der Englischen inspiriert. Diese Englische heisst "A history of Britain" (ebenfalls 10 Teile). Lässt sich auf Youtube anschauen :-).

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  • Warum kann sich Gott nicht mal anständig zeigen?

    Wenn es einen Gott gibt - woran ja so viele Menschen glauben und womit sie die moralische Versklavung und Diskriminierung ihrer Mitmenschen begründen - warum kann er sich denn nicht anständig zeigen? Kann mir dass ein Gläubiger mal erklären? Schon als sich Gott zum ersten Mal offenbarte, tat er dies nicht gegenüber allen Menschen weltweit und auf eine klare, überdeutliche Weise, sondern indem irgendwelche ungebildeten Ziegenhirte im nahen Osten eine Stimme zu hören, oder eine Gestalt zu sehen glaubten. Später kam dann natürlich Jesus dazu, der behauptete, er sei Gottes Sohn, aber das kann ja jeder sagen. Ausserdem konnte er angeblich Blinde heilen, aber das behaupten auch Priester in US-Amerikanischen Mega-Freikirchen und obwohl ihre Tricks gut sind, wurden sie von zahlreichen Zauberkünstlern schon etliche Male als Tricks entlarvt. Und vielleicht heilte Jesus ja auch gar niemanden und die Evangelisten (von denen keiner ein Zeitgenosse Jesus' war!), dachten sich das auch nur alles aus. Heutzutage vertraut dieser Gott darauf, dass wir alleine an ihn glauben, weil es in der Bibel steht. Dummerweise ist diese Bibel aber kein Originaldokument, sondern viel eher eine Kopie einer Kopie einer Übersetzung einer Kopie einer Übersetung einer Überlieferung einer Kopie einer Übersetzung einer Überlieferung. Da sage ich zu Gott nur: "C'mon, you can't do better than that??"

    Logisches Fazit: Es gibt also nur drei Möglichkeiten. Und bitte bringt jetzt keine Sprüche wie "du kennst Gottes Motive nicht", denn das spielt keine Rolle. Wer logisch denken kann, versteht, dass es nur exakt DREI Möglichkeiten gibt. Nämlich Möglichkeit 1: Entweder ist Gott einfach unglaublich blöd. Wenn er als Gott allen Ernstes meint, dass das die beste Art sei, um die Welt an ihn glauben zu lassen und keine bessere Idee hat, liegt irgendwas bei Ihm im Argen. Möglichkeit 2: Er ist unfähig. Vielleicht kann er schlichtwegs nicht anders, als sich auf diese indirekte Weise zu offenbaren. Das wirft dann aber die Frage auf, wie er mächtig genug war, die Welt zu erschaffen. Möglichkeit 3: Er will sich uns nicht zeigen. Das Problem hierbei: Wenn er sich nicht zeigen will (also ein deistischer Standpunkt), sollten wir schleunigst aufhören, seinen Dogmas zu folgen. Wenn es ihm nicht wichtig genug ist, sich allen Menschen weltweit auf eine deutliche Weise zu zeigen, kann er auch nicht erwarten, dass wir uns für ihn interessieren. Natürlich gäbe es auch noch Möglichkeit 4: Er existiert nicht... aber das lehnen Gläubige ja vehement ab.

    Disclaimer: Bitte keine Argumente zum freien Willen, denn: Selbst wenn sich Gott mir zeigen würde, hätte ich ja nach wie vor die Möglichkeit, ihn abzulehnen. Um jedoch eine echte Entscheidung treffen zu können, muss ich alle Möglichkeiten kennen.

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  • Wie können Leute einen solchen Schmarren ernsthaft glauben?

    Bei allem Respekt... ich möchte keine Gläubigen beleidigen. Das erledigt bereits die Ideologie, an die sie glauben. Aber trotzdem... hier am Beispiel der Christlichen Lehre:

    Stellt euch folgendes Szenario vor: Das Universum ist ungefähr 13,7 Milliarden Jahre alt. 13,7 Milliarden Jahre sind eine verdammt lange Zeit. Länger, als es die Meisten von uns sich vorstellen können. Die Erde existiert als Planet seit ca. 4,6 Milliarden Jahren. Und seit rund 3,6 Milliarden Jahren gibt es Leben auf unserem Planeten. Nun gut, Gott hat laut Bibel also dieses Leben erschaffen. Anstatt dann jedoch zügig mit uns Menschen anzufangen, liess er die verschiedenen Lebewesen erst mal sehr, sehr lange ein wenig vor sich hindümpeln. Tatsächlich ist es so, dass bis heute rund 99%(!!!) aller Spezies, die jemals auf der Erde lebten, ausgestorben sind. Wir stellen also lediglich eine weitere Tiergattung in einer endlosen Reihe von Tiergattungen dar. Aber gut. Auf jeden Fall träumt und kreiert Gott also ein wenig vor sich hin... bis er vor gerade mal 100'000 Jahren die "geniale" Idee hat, den Homo Sapiens zu erschaffen. Also tut er das. Zack! Schon gibt es uns. Wie sich jedoch herausstellt, sind wir keine besonders friedfertige Spezies. Eigentlich hätte Gott das ja wissen müssen, denn er ist ja allwissend... mmmh... aber lassen wir diesen Widerspruch mal beiseite. Wir Menschen leben also vor uns hin, grösstenteils in extrem schwierigen Umständen. Die verschiedenen Stämme bekriegen sich und kämpfen um Macht, Frauen, Nahrung und wertvolle Gegenstände. Gerade die Schwächsten kommen dabei oft unter die Räder. Kinder und Frauen werden vergewaltigt und versklavt, Männer brutal getötet. Und wer nicht getötet wird, stirbt mit 25 oder 30 sowieso... zumeist an einer üblen Zahnkrankheit oder an Wundbrand, aufgrund einer schlimmen Verletzung. All das lässt unseren Gott völlig kalt. Er sitzt da, schaut dem Treiben ein wenig zu, dreht Däumchen. Und urplötzlich, nach 98'000 Jahren Kaltschnäuzigkeit ändert er seine Meinung und findet "Nee, das geht natürlich nicht so!". Also muss irgendwas passieren. Eine Veränderung! Nur... wie kriegt man das hin? Wie lässt man die Menschheit genesen? Nun, da gibts wohl keine bessere Möglichkeit, als irgendwo in der hintersten Pampa des nahen Ostens, wo zu dieser Zeit grösstenteils ungebildete, primitive Ziegenhirte mit archaischen Meinungen über die Welt leben, eine arme Jungfrau auszuwählen, die auf magische Weise einen Sohn gebärt. Idealerweise ist dieser Sohn auch der Sohn von Gott. Allerdings... ist er verwirrenderweise auch Gott selbst. Denn Gott hat eigentlich drei Persönlichkeiten. Also, manchmal auch nur Eine, aber dann wieder Drei... naja, ziemlich schizophren. Auf jeden Fall schafft Gott also diesen Ausweg aus dem Teufelskreis, in dem er sich selbst opfert. Und zwar... (es wird noch verwirrender): An sich selbst. Und naja... damit hat es sich für ihn dann eigentlich.

    Abgesehen davon, dass es völlig abstrus und abwegig ist, weshalb ein Gott also all dieses Theater seit dem Urknall durchmachen würde, bloss um nach eeeeewigem Herumsitzen schliesslich eine unwichtige Trockennasenaffenart (den Homo Sapiens) zu kreieren und diese als Krönung seiner Schöpfung anzusehen, hat das Modell auch zutiefst faschistoide Züge: In all den Jahren vor Jesus geht es uns dreckig und Gott weiss das und tut bewusst nichts dagegen. Schliesslich inszeniert er die Idee mit Jesus und befreit uns damit von unseren "Sünden". Diese Sünden stammen, wenn man dem Gedankengang konsequent folgt, jedoch nicht von uns selbst, sondern Gott. Gott hat uns also bewusst fehlerhaft erschaffen, um uns nachher mit der Androhung der Hölle zu erpressen, ihm für die Reparatur dieser Fehler zu danken. Das ist etwa so, wie wenn euch einer einen kaputten Fernseher verkauft, nur um diesen danach ungefragt zu reparieren und euch mit der Erpressung, euch umzubringen, dazu zwingt, ihm als Dank für die Reparatur jeden Monat ein Bestechungsgeld zu schicken. Es fällt mir extrem schwer, eine solche Vorstellung als "friedfertig" oder einen solchen Gott als "gut" zu betrachten. Mich erinnert das eher an einen machtbessenen, sadistischen Diktator ähnlich dem Big Brother in 1984.

    Deshalb also: Wie kann man diesen Schmarren ernsthaft glauben und ihn sogar noch gut finden?

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