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  • Sister going to college, applying all out of state how do I talk her out of it?

    My sister is currently a senior in HS so she is applying to various colleges. She is very smart but her grades don't reflect enough to get her into a UC. In result she is applying to almost all out of state colleges. However, the few she is considering in California are easy to get into which makes her think she is not going to a difficult, challenging school. She wants to be where everyone else around her is 10x smarter and no one of less intelligence. The problem is, I'm just starting HS and I don't want my only sister to leave. I have tried numerous tactics #1 guilting her into feeling bad, which almost made her want to leave more and #2 downplaying the colleges in California to make her then be desired to them. I find she is really easily influenced by others but when I recommend something she wants the opposite. Some of the colleges in California she can make it into are Chapman, Redlands, Long Beach State, and many other states. She is not at all into going to community college as she wants to be surrounded by very intelligent people even though there are intelligent people everywhere. She is more influenced by the name and what sounds smart then the actual idea that everyone who goes to college is smart. What can I do to make her stay in California or how do I make her consider more California schools? I normally can fix my own problems but I haven't been able to find any kind of solution and at this point any input I would greatly appreciate! Thank you!!!

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  • Were there any Rights and responsibilities having to do with McCarthyism during the cold war?

    Were there any rights and resposibilities having to do with or of Mcarthyism

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  • Were there any Rights and responsibilities having to do with McCarthyism during the cold war?

    Were there any rights and resposibilities having to do with or of Mcarthyism

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  • Cute/Corny names for chickens?

    For example my friend just got a new cat and named it the great catsby. I am getting 4 chickens and I wanted to come up with a good name. BEST ANSWERS WILL GET 10 POINTS!!!!!! THANKYOUUUUUUU

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  • Is NBA 2k12 on wii any good?

    Is it worth it to buy it or is it just a waste?

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  • POLL: Where will Dwight Howard go to?

    Give an explanation.

    BQ: Which team will he shine/do better on?

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  • what team will phil jackson coach?

    i heard he doesnt want to coach the knicks... is there any chance he might go back to the lakers

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  • Lamar Odom???????????

    Odom doesnt look as good as he was on the lakers now that hes on the mavs

    How long was his contract with the mavs

    Will he stay with the mavs after his contract expires

    what team will he go to next

    Will he forgive the lakers and go back to them

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  • what are the best seasons/month to buy fancy dresses?

    Im having a 13th B day party but I don't have to have it around my actual birthday. So what season or what month is the easiest and that has the biggest and cutest selection to buy a dress. The party will be cocktail attire and my family and friends will be there. And if you can name the seasons with the colors so say winter is blues say Winter:Blues deeper colors and so on.

    I have dirty blonde hair olive tone skin (lighter) and hazel eyes. I don't like pink or anything sparkly. My favorite colors to wear are violet aqua turquoise and lavender


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