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  • How can i do ohms to meters?

    I am 100% confused because no where in the book does it help me

    QUESTION: a human hair is approx 50 ohms in diameter. Express this diameter in meters

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  • Is missing one night of zoloft or seroquel bad?

    Im on 150mg zoloft & 100mg seroquel.

    I didnt take it last night and all day i felt sooo sick. I didnt sleep much the night i didnt take it and i feel sick to my stomach my somach hurts and my head is aching soo bad.

    Can this be from missing one night?

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  • Why exactly could my psychiatrist have prescribed these meds?

    I went from no meds to

    100mg zoloft (which i assume is for depression)

    100mg of seroquel.

    I know i have depression but he didnt explain one other disorder i have. Besides anxiety. I know seroquel can be for depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar..

    Do you know what 100mg to start would usually end up being for?

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  • Did my psychiatrist prescribe too much? ?

    I went from no meds to

    100mg zoloft

    100mg seroquel

    50mg hydroxyzine

    I take them all once at night. And i am my third night. The first day was terrible. When i woke up my muscles were tooooo relaxed. I couldnt even pick up my phone. And when i got the strength to get up i felt extremely dizzy, nauseous, and uncontrollably shaky.

    The second night i cut the last one in half because he told me that was the one for sleeping. I did this without his permission but i just wanted to test it. So then i woke up and i was just a little shaky and only once in a while i would feel dizzy for a short period of time.

    And today as the third day. I just have minor little twitches in my fingers and hands. And the dizziness decreased even more. But its still a little here and there.

    I looked it up and it said all three of these meds could make me feel any of those. So, is it too much?

    Im 17. If that matters

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  • How long would someone live on 500 calories a day?

    Not me, i dont believe all that diet stuff, i love my food.

    But i was reading this book and the girl was anorexic and she had a goal of 500 calories a day. Im just wondering how long would someone live on that? She never said how much water she drank but lets say she had an appropriate amount. 500 calories seems so.. Low

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  • Please tell me everything about huffing air...?

    My brother is huffing air from an air bottle called "duster" hes obviously f'ed up.

    How dangerous is this? Is it addictive? Is help needed? Can he be violent? What advice can you give? Any other information you know about it?

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  • Can this be bipolar disorder?

    I know i have at least something. I have depression. Bad.

    And i know there is something else completely unnormal with my brain.

    I have no idea what else but im just going to explain things. Please tell me what you think. I cant talk to a doctor because im 17 and my mom refuses to leave the room.

    I wouldnt go on meds anyway. I would just like to know.


    More frequently and very dangerously ive randomly been getting angry. And it would start with minor anxiety then i would think of things and just get soo angry. Like dangerous.

    I always had the impression bipolar was without reason shifting moods thats why i am doubtful of that because i have a reason. But eventhough at the time i vant control it, i purposely make it worse in my mind.

    & idk if any of this is related.

    I get really nervous when someone is behind me. For multiple of reasons. Like someone will do something to me. Or read my text messages or when i hear people laugh.. I feel like its about me. And i start feeling really angry and depressed.

    I feel like sometimes people can read my mind it makes me really nervous and paranoid. And i know none of its true, but in the moments i feel that way.

    I get angry over weird things mostly things i think about.

    This anger hasnt been this uncontrollable for me. & i believe that i was born evil and that i have an evil and tainted soul in me. -_-

    P.s i have a therapist. But i want other thoughts?

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  • (10 points) When colleges look at SATs.. & other grades?

    I know this is quite stupid, but i know im not a good tester and i wont do too well on SATs.. If they see not so good SAT scores do they just not look at anything else and just decline?

    And i have another question, for grade wise, do they look at each quarter of grades or just the average of all 4 quarters per class?

    Oh, sorry again im so confused i have another question.. Do you NEED a letter of recomendation?

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  • Is this normal or just really bad anxiety?

    I started my first job about a month and a half ago, since the first day ive been having really graphic dreams about working. (this next part is normal) i every night i always had some sort of dream where i died, no big deal. But i wake up every half hour now because of bad dreams at work. I work at a fast food place and i keep dreaming about messing everything up eventhough in real life i am not bad at all..

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  • Would I capitalize this?

    These words double check, please:




    As the Sunday ritual, the whole family would dress up and have an italian feast

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  • Can somebody help me with my Thesis Statement? (10 points)?

    The topic is that i inteviewed an elderly person. and i'm not supposed to say "she said"

    I'm kind of writing as if i'm her. I can think of how i should say it interestingly.

    The topics i'm going to talk about are her family, school, and marriage. In that order.

    Can someone please help.. I've been typing and deleting a thesis for the past 30 minutes.

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  • Is this grammar correct?

    I don't really care if the fact is right, but assuming it is, did i use punctuation and my words and tenses correctly?

    In late 1930’s and 1940’s there were no men around the neighborhoods; They were enlisted to go to war and were called to service.

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  • What is an interesting FACT from around the late 1930's? (10 points)?

    I'm doing a thesis paper the topic is interviewing a person 60+ and the person i interviewed was born 1936 and i was going to start my intro off with an interesting fact from that time period.

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  • I need help with chemistry can someone help? Assigning oxidation numbers (10 points?)?

    I have to put at the end. Element oxidized. Element reduced.

    Can someone explain step by step! I dont get it.

    Mg + AgNO3 > 2 Ag + Mg(NO3)2

    I dont get this help! Please.

    10 points.

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  • can someone help me with Microsoft word?

    I can not use certain words in my paper, is there a way i can type the word(s) in and they'll show me if i used it?

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  • Can someone help me with chemistry definitions?

    There were 30 definitions and i got like 20.. I cant get the last 10.. Please help!

    Words left to use:

    1) alkali metal.

    2) atomic number

    3) atomic weight

    4) chemical property

    5) isotopes

    6) malleable

    7) mass number

    8) noble gasses

    9) periodic table

    10) physical property

    And these are the definitions, any that you can help me with will be GREAT!:

    1) property that allows a material to be flattened without shattering

    2) table in which elements are placed in order of increasing atomic number, such that elements with similar properties are located in the same group

    3) average mass of an atom of an element

    4) property that can be observed without changing the identity of a sample of matter. Physical property?

    5) number of protons in an atom; distinguishes atoms of different elements

    6) sum of the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom

    7) name given to a group of chemically reactive metals located in group 1 on the periodic table. Alkali metal?

    8) name given to a group of chemically stable, non reactive non-metals. Noble gasses?

    9) atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons

    10) property of a substance that involves a change in the original substance. Chemical change?

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  • Transgenders- i have a question..?

    What happened to your mind like what did you think of and what did you feel?

    Im curious because i dont know what i am.

    If anyone answers, thanks.. And i kind of just want to hear specifically from transgenders..

  • Can someone help me make a good thesis statement?

    I can't figure out what to say in my thesis. I made my own but my teacher said it was really bad..

    The topic is Christmas and the three things are "Family, Food, Traditions"

    If anyone can help i'll gladly vote you best answer.. Thank you in advance.

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  • Can i possibly be schitzophrenic?

    I dont think so.. But i dont know..

    Okay, i am very convinced that i am evil. Like demon evil.

    I have bad depression. I always plan ahead just incase someone is setting me up for something bad. I feel like everyone is always talking about me and that everyone hates me.

    And i seem to always think everything means something. Like everything has a hidden meaning. Even my dreams. I am the most confused person ever. Whenever im not busy i immediately get this overwhelming feeling and i always end up convincing myself that i should kill myself.

    And recently, i got very homicidal.

    I dont know. Help?

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  • Is this Grammar Correct?

    Its really the capitalization. Which way is correct?

    How could you not smile at the idea of a Christmas Tree, Lights, Ornaments, Family, Friends, Kindness, Food, Presents, and Candy?


    How could you not smile at the idea of a Christmas Tree, lights, ornaments, family, friends, kindness, food, presents, and candy?


    How could you not smile at the idea of a Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, family, friends, kindness, food, presents, and candy?

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