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  • Looking for a good in-dash sound system for my car?

    Anyone know/can recommend a good system? I have a 2008 Nissan Versa and I'd like to enhance it with an in-dash system. I'd like to have something that is Sirius XM ready, (maybe) pandora ready, has navigation capabilities (in the US and Canada), bluetooth ready, and can talk to an android phone. Any suggestions? Anything less expensive than $400?

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  • Speeding ticket out of state? (New York)?

    Im from vt and I was traveling to syracuse via I90west. I was following traffic at around 75 mph and my gps told me to "stay to the right." In order to do that, I sped up and quickly merge into the right lane.

    My car being such a week engine got really loud and my speed of course increased to around 80mph...right in front of a ny state trooper and I didnt even realize it. Im also only 19 yrs old so that might've had something to do with it who knows.

    I pulled over VERY quickly (the trooper didnt even have to turn his lights on). We all took our sunglasses off and turned the music off and were very polite to him as he was to us. He returned quickly with what appeared to be a ticket. He instructed me that I would file through the mail.

    This piece of paper had my info, the car's info and a notice of the filing instructions saying that I have to file within 2 weeks or something and if I choose to plead "not guilty" I have to show up in court etc etc. The notice on the bottom also said something like "your licence may be revoked or suspended as perscribed by law."

    What confuses me is that upon handing this notice to me, the state trooper didnt specify that it was a warning, points on my license, or a suspension. So my question is does this sound familiar to anyone? This is the 1st time ive ever been pulled over for ANYTHING whether in state or out of state. I have a feeling ill have to pay a fine for going 80 in a 65 but will I really get my license suspended?

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  • Is it a law that my employer pay me my vacation time after I leave?

    I work at the local supermarket here in Vermont. Is it a state or federal law that once I put in my 2 weeks notice (which is hopefully soon) that the company must pay me the remaining unused vacation hours that I had? I only ask bc I feel like it would be one of the many cheap underhanded moves they have pulled in the past. Just dont want to get screwed out of that money...

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Parking for a Boston Celtics game?

    Hello all!

    This Friday I will be travelling down to Boston coming from VT (Via I-93S of course). I dont know all that much about Boston so I was wondering if people who were a bit more knowledgeable than I could help!

    What I'm looking for is a place to park just outside Boston (once again I'm coming in from the north) and ride the T into the TD Garden (North Station). Something cheap(ish), but also somewhere I don't have to worry about getting my windows smashed in.

    If this parking area is a little bit out of the way (like not dead north and EXACTLY on the way thats totally fine). The whole purpose is to not park in downtown Boston to avoid the 3 HR wait to get out of the parking garages after games :) and not to mention save $ in gas, and in parking charges (I think the TD garage runs you at around $25 for a game night right?)

    Thanks for your help y'all!!

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  • Can I switch fuel types for an extra "kick"?

    I drive a 1999 Mazda Protege. The reason I ask is because I have a promotion at a local gas station that gets me $.40 off/gal. (which is a big deal because gas is quite expensive here in VT.

    The other reason I ask is because this weekend I will be driving to Boston...will putting super+ in my tank (I always take regular) give me a little extra "kick" considering I'll be 98% on the highway? Will it stretch my MPG? Or is it not a good idea and will it screw up my engine (gaskets)?

    Thanks all you fuel experts ;)

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  • Boston Parking for a celtics game?

    We're looking for a parking area for a game this Friday against Portland. Our goal is something relatively cheap, but something we could take the T over to the Garden with so as to avoid heavy traffic on the way out.

    Anyone know of a good parking garage that is a decent distance away from the TD Garden, but an easy T commute?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • BEST Android Music Playing app?

    Just wondering if y'all could provide me some insight as to which music player I should download off the PlayStore. I'm looking for an app that can read most/all different kinds of file types and that is user friendly etc.

    I have already tried apps like Rocketplayer, n7 player, mixZing, mortplayer (I think that's all Ive gone through thus far). Anyone else got a favorite that they really like (Preferably free but doesn't absolutely have to be)

  • Micro SD Card isn't working?

    Specifically, it isn't being recognized by my Samsung Galaxy sIII. It says that it is "blank" and the option to "mount SD Card" is available but when I try to do that it just gives me the option to format it. When I try formatting it, it just tells me "SD Card is being checked" and nothing else happens.

    I tried removing it, and re-inserting it...nothing. I'm stuck!! Anybody else have this problem/know what to do??

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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  • What is the best Android Music player app?

    Recently I just tried syncing my itunes library to my galaxy s3 (via Kies if that matters at all). All the 5,000ish songs showed up but only about half of them were able to be played because "this music player does not support this file type."

    What music player app can I download from the GooglePlay store (paid or free) that will work with most/all music file types (I think all I really have is Mp3, m4a, wma, Mpeg-4 & m4a...I think that's all.

    If there ISNT a perfect app that will accept all these types of can I most easily convert them all to one file type...and which file type should I convert to if I have to?

    Thanks for your help!!

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  • Is it legal for an 18yr old to have sex with a 16 yr old?

    Where I'm from the age of consent is 16. It's not that I'm thinking about doing it but I hear a lot of mixed statements on this topic so I don't really know.

    I've heard that yes the age of consent is 16 so a 16yr old could (in theory although hopefully not) have sex with a 40 yr old. But I've also heard that a 16 yr old can only "consent" if the other person is under 18 because that is the "adult age". If the age of consent is 16, where does the number 18 come in to play or does it come into play at all I guess is what I'm saying.

    Thanks everyone!!

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  • Details on making rap beats?

    I have 0 experience. I have a good ear for sound that's pretty much it. What program(s) should I use if I want to remix songs, make instrumentals, mixes, just make music from scratch or record my voice over a beat? Can all this even be done with just ONE program? Not only what is the best program to use, but what other equipment do I need to use with what program etc? Any basic details on the basics and how to use these programs?

    I know it's kind of a broad question but anything helps and thanks in advance!

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  • Why is it hard to put my automatic car into park?

    I have a 1999 Mazda Protege LX with 150K Miles. This is an automatic.

    1) As I said before, my car has difficulty going into park (not drive). It's not impossible, just difficult. My shifting button has gone completely limp as well so I can shift right into drive without having to first push the button...this was never an issue but oppositely, in the past I actually (on and off) had difficulty pushing that same button in all the way. To fix that problem, I would just have to press it constantly and play with the break a little bit but now like I said the problem is that I have to literally force the shifter into park and it feels like it doesn't want to stay there.

    2) Another issue (which is intermittent) is that I can't start unless I first put my car into neutral.

    3) This probably has nothing to do with it but whenever I steer there's this creaking sound that sounds like an overweight person stepping on a hollow hardwood floor. [sorry that's the best example I can think of]. Anybody have any idea what that might be...separately?

    Anyone have any idea what this might be and/or have any idea what this would cost to have fixed. Is it something that I can fix myself? (I don't have a ton of car experience but I'm pretty good working with my hands if I know what I'm doing).

    Thanks for your help everyone!!

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  • What is the significance of this dream? (On the subject of death)?

    First off this wasn't my dream but it was very concerning!

    Yesterday, my girlfriend told me she had dreamed about sitting on a dock with me having a great time, feet in the water, watching the sunset, hand in hand etc etc. We weren't alone though, we were accompanied by one of our favorite teachers at the local high school, his young son (who in real life is about 1.5 yrs old, but in the dream was "much older"), and "a bunch of other kids that we had no idea who they were".

    All of a sudden, we decided to jump in the water hand in hand together. While we were in the water together, we started to sink (because we were still holding hands) so she apparently said to me underwater "we have to go up now." So I let go easily and we both floated to the top. This teacher of ours that was still on the dock helped her out of the water and back on to the dock. She then turned around to help me, but I had intentionally drown myself thus committing suicide right in front of her!!! She woke up immediately after I died. She came running to me the next day, threw herself in my arms in tears.

    Some background details (I have no idea if they're relevant or not)...

    -We both love each other unconditionally!

    -She freaks out over the issues I have in my life with my parents/other friends etc and these problems make her uneasy. She takes me telling her this stuff and she feels so sorry to the point where she blames herself for my misery. She takes her self-hate to the point of cutting, and even taking out her own eyelashes SOMETIMES not always.

    -I have struggled with depression for a number of reasons, but suicide/drug use etc are NOT options for me. They are outside my beliefs. I have been clean and sober my whole life, and never thought about killing myself, but when I get low enough, I feel these thoughts creeping up on me...which scares my GF.

    -Honestly, she's usually pretty optimistic, she's never been one to assume the worst and she's always been by my side to help me get through tough times.

    I'm just horribly confused and I just don't understand. I'm no therapist but I've heard that death in dreams can sometimes be the sign of a new beginning...? Anybody with experience in this field that have an idea??

    Thanks! I appreciate all of your efforts!!

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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (or s4) or iPhone?

    Which is better in your opinion, and what are pros and cons of each?

    Thanks for your help

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  • Is Kendrick Lamar a good rapper?

    I just got my tickets to see him live when he comes to my home town and I'm pumped!! In my opinion, he's one of the greatest with his lyrical abilities, amazing breath control, and speed of rhyming...he's so...FLUENT!! I love especially how almost all of his songs tell a specific story and they have a good message. Even his albums have a central message to them. He is very uniquely talented.

    My parents (yes I'm young - only 18) were really dissapointed because they could see that several of his lyrics of cource had f bombs in them...but its rap what else would you expect. I tried to explain to them how he's different from a lot of the mainstream Lil Wayne-ish stuff and he's not horribly dirty and degrading or a drug advocate etc. How can I convey this to my parents (who are quite old fashioned) and make them understand?? Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!

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  • How to change MP3 properties in Windows Explorer?

    I recently downloaded a few mixtapes from I downloaded their "zips", then I extracted the individual songs onto my phone. (My phone serves as my iPod...I have an SD card so it works pretty much the same. In other words I don't use iTunes...I just copy the songs onto the SD card using Windows Explorer).

    There were a few mixtapes i think that worked fine - I could rename the songs and artists in properties to my liking. There were several others however that whenever I tried to edit or add info into Properties the computer flashed a note at me that said "an unexpected error occurred that is keeping you from editing the properties of this file" or something like that.

    Some other forums said some stuff about ID3 tags, and I wasn't really sure how to do that. There was another forum I checked out that said something about downloading something that could change the properties. I foolishly did just that and now I'm stuck with this toolbar that I have no idea how to get rid of and it's totally messing up Google Chrome on my computer...but that's another problem for another day.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • How to uninstall FLV Runner tool bar?

    I downloaded the FLV Runner toolbar for Google Chrome and I would like to get rid of it.

    Most forums say to click on the wrench in the top right corner and then to click on "settings." I have clicked on the wrench but I don't see anything that says "settings."

    The other common piece of advice i saw was to click on "tools" but when I do that nothing at all happens.

    What's going on? How can I get rid of this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Penalty for "dating" someone underage.?

    Ok this is really confusing and stupid so bear with me!

    First off this will have to do with VT State Law. I am an 18 year old male (I just turned 18 last week). There's this girl I met at work who I never really planned to get anywhere with who turned 15 back in August.

    As soon as she became comfortable around me, she became ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with me!! No joke! haha! I'm a senior at the local high school and she's a freshman.

    She had herself a boyfriend for a little while (about a month and a half) which I later found out she was just dating him because she knew she couldn't date me. Nonetheless, it seemed evident that the during the duration of this lackluster relationship she liked me better but couldn't really show it obviously. She literally spent double the time with me.

    This "boyfriend" she had was a joke, he just didn't know how to treat women at all! She asked me for help with him a lot because she didn't know what to do otherwise. I became the only person in her entire life that she trusted to help her with her problems...which eventually drew her in even more.

    Next, she broke up with this guy to try to pursue me. We aren't "dating" because we know we can't and she cares about me enough that she doesn't want me to get in huge trouble. But her (lofty) plan is that she keeps all this a secret until she turns 18 and then she can let her hair down. We've done NOTHING together...just occasional hugs because we are actually best friends in the world. She has pretty much promised that she will save herself until 18 so that she can date me...go figure.

    My parents accidentally found out about her. They found out I was giving her rides etc and now they think we have been having sex etc and that is SO false!! I was just being my selfless self on a couple of occasions. My parents think we have been having a "secret dating relationship" and I have no real way of proving that I don't. Regardless they were some P.O.ed when they found out about all this and that "I'm taking advantage of a girl that's three years younger than me."

    We all know that we have to be careful now that I'm a legal adult and she's not but my question is, what would happen if I was caught "dating" an underage girl? My parents are telling me that I'd go to jail for life and stuff and I have a hard time believing that. I'm sure the penalty isn't anything to laugh at but it really can't be as bad as they're describing...can it? They've been known to bs stuff like that just to "scare me off" so to speak.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • what is the penalty for a very monor car accident?

    Earlier I got into one of the smallest fender-benders ever. But what sucks is that I "rear-ended" the person in front of me and her car barely had 5,000 miles on it so naturally she wants to get it checked out. There was a tiny little scratch that could come off with WD-40 or something of the sort and one of my liscense plate bolts fell off...thats all the damage.

    What sucks is that I'm under-age and I'm still under may parents insurance. We have Liberty Mutual and I was just wondering by how much my insurance was going to go up. L.M. also claims to have accident forgiveness.

    The woman I hit was fine and she took my info down and said she's going to call my insurance company to verify that the accident was my fault (which it indeed was). What's most likely going to happen now? I'm just worried the rates sky-rocket and we can't afford to keep me driving my own car anymore...

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Protocol to put a new sound system in my car?

    I recently bought my first car...a 99 mazda protege. It came with a sony xplod sound system that is crystal clear as far as sound goes but has a VERY muffled base.

    To fix this problem, I wasn't sure if I could just get a new sound system (like say, a newer Sony Xplod) or if I had to get new speakers altogether.

    Should i get a new sound system (like an xplod or similar) or several entirely new speakers? Which option would most likely fix the problem and given the solution what is a ballpark figure as far as cost?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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