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Mathuraiyar Mannan

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Manavala Mamunigal MunnOr mozhinda muRai thappAmal kETTu pinnOrndhu thAm adanaippEsAde * tham nenjil thORRinadhE solli – idu suddha upadEsavara VARRadenbar – mUrkarAvAr Those who do not learn the message in a traditional manner through the designated AchArya, internalize the message & pass on the message as was taught to them, but pass on whatever comes to their mind and justify it by saying that that message comes via the OrAN vazhi lineage are moorkhas Vedanta Desikan “asAram alpa sAramcha SAram SArataram tyajEt bhajEt SAratamam ShAstrE ratnAkara iva amrutam” Just as the man in search of gems focuses his attention on the precious stones alone, the wise man too imbibes only what is of the absolute essence, casting aside the portions of the scripture which lack in substance, parts which appear to be of the essence but are not sufficiently so, and also those portions which have a lot to offer, but are still not the quintessence Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan