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  • What would happen if both Jerusalem and Mecca were nuked at the same time?

    What would be the resulting effects on politics and society in the middle east. Taking into account that both cities (especially Jerusalem) have been central to religious conflict for milennia.

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  • Christians and Muslims, why don't you do this?

    Put aside your differences and instead of burning each other's books, go buy some Richard Dawkins literature and burn that instead, it would be like the good old days, except instead of burning books to hold back science, you'll be burning books so we don't have to have whiney quote shove down your throats from people just as bad as you are!

    P.S. Everyone mad?

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  • I'm spiritual, but not religious, but why is this?

    Whenever I ask a question on here about atheist generalisations and logical flaws (obviously not to do with science, because only an idiot would think evolution etc. is a lie), do I get no actual answers.

    I've actually asked a few serious questions to try and understand why there seems to be a pack mindset in a majority of vocal atheists on the internet and why this mindset seems to be the most illogical thing to come out of atheism.

    I get no decent replies about the phenomena and most people assume I'm taking the **** out of the ENTIRE of atheism and I'm a God loving Christian who wants to show how evil atheists are.

    I'm seriously just interested in the social phenomena. Why does this keep happening?

    P.S. If you were reasonable enough to actually read this question thoroughly, and failed to properly answer my other questions, can you please go back and give reasonable and rational responses addressing the questions and not acting all defensive?;_ylt=Ag...;_ylt=Ag...

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  • Atheists whom this concerns: Martin Luther King Jr., a bad person?

    Atheists who believe that Christianity is intolerant and only breeds hatred, how many of you have listened to the Martin Luther King Jr. 'I Have A Dream' speech? Almost all of his ideals and values he directly relates under his Christian beliefs, with exception his inspiration from Gandhi.

    During his speech, he preaches tolerance to all people and wishes for everyone to become as brothers and sisters. You would even be interested to know that one of his right-hand men was openly gay, which was probably even worse than being black back then.

    How evil is Christianity now?

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  • Why is it that some atheists use this logic?

    "Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson weren't deist, they were atheist, even though they said they were deist, they were just pretending to be deist because they were under political pressure."

    "Hitler wasn't an atheist, he was a Christian, he even said he was Christian and was seen with various Christian leaders in Germany at the time."

    Sorry, but looking from a more open minded perspective, with the historical evidence that we do have access to (noting we can't magically read minds for decades ago), you can either assume that both Franklin/Jefferson and Hitler were all atheist and hid it using periodically acceptable belief systems (deism during enlightenment, Christianity during the early to mid 1900's) or you can assume they they actually believed what they said they believed.

    I know a few atheists will agree because they are actually open minded and rational, however a fair few atheists posting on the internet seem to make both these assumptions together.

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  • Question for social experts or atheists (if honest)?

    Why is it, more often than not, on the internet or in real life I hear atheists being closed minded about things, when most atheists tout their ability to be more open minded.

    For example, from life experiences, it will be more often than an atheist will vocally discredit the possibility of something travelling faster than light or discredit extensive hypotheses about the possibilities of quantum entanglement.

    On a final note: I understand evidence being necessary to come to a conclusion, but how can we progress if the scientific looks up to people who are parading themselves as open minded instead of actually believing in possibilities outside of a textbook?

    P.S. I'm not generalising about atheists, I've clearly stated it's a random sample population from both the internet and real life. If anyone comes up with generalisation arguments and ignores the question, I will automatically assume that they're idiots.

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  • What is the meaning of the struggling I had in this dream?

    There was this girl I love, but haven't actually met, in the dream I came to her house, but every step I got closer, I was struggling to stay asleep. I knocked on the door and she was in a shirt and silk pajama pants, she worried because I could barely stand (and she was as beautiful and vivid as I remember her). She told me to lay down and rest...

    I was slowly weakening as I tried to stay asleep to be with her longer, I just remember screaming out that I missed her...

    Anyway, the whole dream I felt like I was giving everything to stay awake, what does it mean when you fight like that in a dream, what is it that's waking you up?

    Tl;dr: What's the meaning behind weakening slowly and struggling in dreams?

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  • Is this technically cheating? (Friends' interesting relationship)?

    Basically, I know these two guys who are in a relationship together, and basically their rule is if they see a hot guy, they're allowed to sleep with him if they have a threesome.

    I don't find this to be cheating in their eyes, they seem to both accept sexual intimacy as long as each other is involved. On a personal note though, if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't like that to happen (ignoring the fact I'm not bi, so obviously that would be a problem) because I'd feel completely wrong about it.

    Do you believe this is a form a cheating, or is it alright? They're both happy with the deal and they're both very much in love.

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  • Why does society say letting go of people is love?

    I'm not saying you do or don't love someone when you let go of them, but why specifically is it that we're told what we feel if we don't succeed in acting a certain way according to society.

    I feel people are saying that I don't love because I refuse to give up on someone and if I really loved her, I'd let go. But why on earth would I listen to others tell me what love is?

    Why is this kind of thinking even allowed?

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  • How is it fair that I'm persecuted in this way for how I love?

    Why is it fair that people who spam message and won't give up on someone are persecuted for following their heart after society tells them to follow their heart?

    I'm not desperate, I could get many different girls, I don't have issues, the only issue I have is the girl I love stopped talking to me and didn't give me good enough reason relative to how much I'm worth and how much I was worth to her.

    If I'm insane, or have issues because I'm fighting for something I believe in, while not harming anyone, then there's something wrong with society.

    P.S. This wasn't one date, this was a year of hope and possibility and love that reminded me what it was like to feel, it was a one in a billion alignment of values, ambitions and dreams, and she threw me away for no reason, and she stays away simply because 'I message too much'.

    How on earth can I be judged for that beyond everything I am?

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  • I'll love her until I die, and she wants nothing to do with me, what do I do?

    She stopped talking to me about a month ago, and I won't give up, I don't even want to move on, I'd rather feel this pain and love her than anything else. I'm not choosing to be unhappy, still loving her is the only thing that does make me happy... Her telling me that I'm not allowed to love her is what makes me sad.

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  • What does the Yahoo Answers community think about love?

    Personally, I'd rather be alone forever than with someone I don't love, I guess what I'm asking is: Is it more important for you to be in a relationship, than be in love?

    Bonus question: What is love to you?

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  • Why do friendzone guys call themselves nice guys?

    Most of them are only interested in getting laid, usually end up getting angry or hating whatever girl puts them in friendzone, how the hell is that considered being nice?

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  • Should you just rid people from your life who do you wrong?

    Even if they were important to you in one stage should you forsake them, leave them behind for your own happiness?

    All people make mistakes, where do you draw the line between a person that you can accept and a person who has caused too much damage?

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  • Have you ever fought for something you can never get back?

    I have, it made things worse. To specify, have you ever fought for someone, what they used to be, held onto the idea that they're still that person and there's still a chance no matter what, against all rational thought?

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  • How do I look (Profile Pic), be descriptive to what you find attractive/unattractive?

    Hey, I've been really interested in how people perceive each other, so I thought I'd ask this question. I chose Singles and Dating because, well, people are judgemental and vocal, so it's perfect! And no, I'm not interested in getting attention like you all probably think.

    Here's the deal, when I look in the mirror, I look pretty damn good, but when I take a photo, I look like I crawled out of a toilet. Now, I know that other people look the same in both to me, but what I can't tell is whether my perception of them is how they see themselves in the mirror or how they see themselves on cam.

    So here are the questions:

    1. Do you have the same problem of looking good 'IRL' then looking crap in photos?

    2. Do you see people the same in photos and real life?

    3. How do I look? What are my attractive and unattractive features?

    Yes, I'm quite aware people have personal tastes, I'm taking that into account (in other words, I'll disregard if you don't find me attractive because I haven't got tattoos and piercings etc.).

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  • How can I overcome over-messaging?

    I'm usually a chilled out person, but when people are important or special to me, I tend to become overbearing.

    My first example is a girl I've loved for over a year, I failed to give her space (and still am) I keep on messaging her because I don't want to let go of her in my heart. I tried deleting everything of her, all The ways of contacting her, but a few days later, I couldn't stand it, we'd been talking for a year and I didn't feel right letting go like that, I havent resolved anything with her. Now, even though she never replies, I message her on Facebook again -_-

    Secondly I have a friend whose cat recently was put down and I message her every day to check up on her... I'm worried about becoming an obsessive messages again, I lost the love of my life, I don't want to lose another friend.

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  • I feel so helpless...?

    My long distance friend's becoming more and more distant from me and all I want is to talk to her and have fun like we used to... She keeps on thinking I'm trying to start a relationship with her online because she knows I love her... But I don't want that, it would hurt her, I just want to talk to her like we used to and she won't let us... :'(

    I don't know what to do, I keep on trying to think of what I can do and all I ever end up doing is causing her to become more distant. I'm so scared.

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  • My friend said she needed space...?

    I text and chat to her every day... I just love hearing what's going on in her life and her thoughts of various things... But I was wearing her down, she felt she was obligated to talk to me...

    I thought she had fun talking to me, I don't know anymore, she told me she needed space. I feel like I'm not good enough, if I was good enough, she wouldn't need space from me. :'(

    What can I do? I hate not being able to talk to her, it's breaking my heart.

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