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  • What is SARAVANABAVA yanthra used for?

    I have been told its for Kuja dasa.

    I would like to know any other details (if there are any specific reasons why it is to be worn ect.) as there is almost nothing on the internet about Saravanabava yanthra or even about the chanting of "Om Saravanabhava"

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  • Meaning of "Om Shree Kleem...."?

    Would anyone out there know the exact meaning of

    Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum gum

    Ganapathey vara varade sarv janame vashamanaaye swaha"


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  • HELP - page display order?

    In a blog - I have 5 pages, A, B, C, D and E

    I always want page A to be on top but as and when I add new pages (say F, G etc) they become the first post and 'post A' gets pushed to the back. For example, if Page A carry a list of titles of the other pages, I would want it to be displayed first.

    How do I keep 'post A' as the first/main page without it getting pushed every time I load a new article/page???????

    Thanks in advance

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  • Many faces of Maa Parvathi?

    I have seen maa parvathi (or lets say Kali ma) in a Kali kovil recently - one statue had a head of a lion and the other had the head of a horse. I have never seen or heard of these before. Have you? Is there any story behind these forms?

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  • Best day to start Parvathi Sloka?

    Some sites on the internet say the best is to start chanting manthra on full moon day. But then from the full moon day the moon reduces.

    For sloka like Parvathi sloka (om hreem yogini yogini yogeshwari) isnt it best to start on the day AFTER amavasa so that the moon strat to grow to the full moon? Would you also know what is the best time for this?

    Would appreciate some light on this question. Serious answers only please.

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  • "Tat" and "Dut" in Gayathri mantra?

    Some gayathri manthra say

    "Om TAT purushaya widmahe"

    and some say

    "Om DUT purushaya widmahe"

    What does "tat" and "dut" means?

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  • Strange Ganapathi Gayathri. Ever heard this?

    I heard this from a sami but couldnt find it on the internet to know what the last line means. Have you heard it and any idea what "Danno dondi" in the LAST LINE menas??

    Om that purushaya widmahe -

    Wakrathundaaya deemahi

    "Danno dondi" prachodayat

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  • Muruga - Kartikeyan -Skanda - Subrahmanyan?

    Like we always chant "om gan ganapathye namah" as a silent manthra in our minds to honour Lord Ganesh, what is the manthra to chant for Lord skanda to always give him honour and show our devotion?

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  • Energized Rudraksha Beads?

    Online sites charge huge amounts for rudraksha beads saying they are energized. My question is, as Rudraksha bead holds the medicinal and wonder values of it by its own as the legend says, to get the benefit of the rudraksha bead, is it really necessary to energize it? If the one who wears it is a vegetarian and takes care of it without taking it to funerals and praying for lord shiva and so on, isnt that good enough?

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  • Meaning of Shanmuga Gayathri?


    Could someone please help me with the english meaning of this (which i hope is the correct gayathri manthra!!)

    Om dut purushaaya vidmahe

    Maha senaaya dee mahi

    Thano shanmuga prachodayaat


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  • Ganesha Sahasranam - do they chant 1000 names?

    I got a ganesha sahasranam pooja done in a kovil and it didnt even last for half n hour. I thought they didnt chant all 1000 names so I did it in another kovil and it was the same.

    Dont they chant all 1000 names when they do sahasranam????

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  • UN Session Media Teams Photos?

    Im looking for photos of the media teams who were at UN 66th session New York. Appreciate if anyone can provide a link.


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  • Best day for Ganapathi Abhisheka Pooja?

    I have heard that full moon days are good and days with moon reducing or no moon is not auspicious. So what is the best day to have an abhisheka pooja for lord ganapathi?

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  • Rules in making Crossword Puzzles?

    Are there any set rules in creating crossword puzzles - like more than a ceertain percentage cant be black cages and so on? Or one can just make a crossword puzzles with whatever words that fit in and pleases? :-D

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  • Why chant hindu mantras 108 times?

    Usually mantras are to be chanted 108 times or 1008 times to achieve specific results ... why is 108 and 1008 special - and/or what does that mean?

    Also does any hindu god has any specific number thats special to him or her?


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  • What is the "lunar day"?

    In hindu festival notes I have seen things like this -

    13 days after the lunar day - or 10 days after the lunar day .. does this mean

    13 days after the FULL MOON?

    eg. So does this mean that Maha Sivarathri day will be 13 days from the full moon of February (march 2nd)

    In counting this - do you count the full moon day as 1 - or the day after the full moon as 1st?

    In other words, is it always after 15 days of the full moon that you get the day without the moon?

    and on the 16th day, the moon starts showing again?

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  • Is Lord Vishnu and Venkateshwara different?

    I have read about the 9 avatars - so those does not say Vishnu is an avatar of Venkateshwara or vise-versa.

    So why is lord vishnu called venkateshwara?

    I know there are 108 names or so names - BUT there are temples and statues dedicated to to Lord Venkateshwara just like to Krishna or Rama ...

    Any explanation is appreciated and serious answers only please

    Thank you

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  • Meaning of "Prabhum praana natham"?

    Can you please help me to find the meaning of this strotra :

    prabhum praana natham, vibhum vishwanatham, jagannatha natham, sadananda bhajam

    bhavath bhavya bhootheshwaram bhoothanatham, shivam shankaram shambu meeshana meede.

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  • Statues in a Hindu Temple?

    I love to go to Hindu temples but dont understand it much. There are so many statues of Gods in Hindu temples. Do you go to each and every God and worship or is it that you go to only one God that you have been assigned in some way? Also I have been to a Kali amman temple which has a very tall pillar like thing erected as soon as you enter. have seen it in a Vishnu temple also. What does that symbolize? Also what does breaking coconuts mean? Is it a way of making a wish?

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