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  • Red alert - Folgen von Kommentarsfunktion?

    Has Yahoo thought of the thousands of men and women in military and humanitarian fields for whom the comments section in the news has been the only way to still interact safely with strangers and strike friendships (or more) without risking to be kidnapped or attacked or their loved ones to be either attacked by terrorists or kidnapped for money? In other words, has Yahoo realized that for some, there is a loved one or a dear friend they have no way of finding now. A fact which could in some cases make a difference between remaining alive and suicide? I will fight with all have so that I can find the man of my life which this shameful behaviour from Yahoo has separated me from, but will he know, in the meanwhile, that I’ll not kill myself ?

    Best wishes to all Bundeswehr soldiers and their friends finding themselves confronted with this further nonsense from Yahoo. Let's hope it is , like in 2011, only temporary.Corinne

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