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I will come back when the 'green' does--5.11.14

  • Do you own a home security system (burglar alarm system) that uses a sim card?

    I am needing to know--

    1-do i just order a sim card from my cell service carrier and insert it?

    2-do I have to pay a separate phone bill/ fee?

    The store where I bought the system doesn’t know (they’re only a merchant) and neither does my prepaid carrier, plus another company I called.

    I also wanted any info regarding these, including opinions if they are not rude. I am also interested in any personal experience.

    There is no landline so I would be using the sim in order for the system to be able to dial out in case the alarm is set off.

    Help, help…and help. Thanks

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  • GSM Home Security Systems--What do you know about them?

    Ok. So I bought one of those GSM security systems. For those who may just be tuning in for info themselves, these are those unmonitored burglar alarm systems that, in case of a breach, will dial several numbers that you would have programmed into the system. The GSMs take a sim card.

    What I need to know is, how does this work?--

    1--Is there such a thing as an ‘unlocked’ sim and I can use any, or would I have to already have a carrier, and get a sim from them?

    2--Will it automatically work on insertion?

    3--Will I have to pay a separate phone bill?????

    I didn’t think of these things until now that I am installing. I had assumed (& yes. I know what assumed means :) that

    #1—yes as far as getting a sim from my carrier. That is only logical.

    #2—yes. Because the phone companies can’t do anything with security systems, and

    #3—there would be no separate bill because if you’ve got to pay another phone bill, where is the savings all these systems claim???

    *And YES, I’ve called my carrier --and another-- being I will switch to the one that can guarantee me what I want, but they haven’t a clue.

    *And the seller of the system is just that, a seller of various merchandise and can only tell me what they read on the box.

    I've also searched old answers here to no avail.

    What I am hoping for is answers from personal users/installers.

    And what I’m -really- hoping for is no trolls. (:

    But if you’ve got anything constructive beyond--set it up, spend money on a sim and hope it works…and for free, I’ve already arrived at that conclusion a while back. :)

    But I will still 'listen'.

    Help please. And thanks.

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  • How can this be considered wireless??? Help, please!!?

    (I know the question' looks long, but it is pretty straightforward.)

    I am speaking of wireless security camera systems--the multi-screened (divided) ones in particular.

    (Are there any professional installers out there? Are anyone with a working knowledge/has set up a system before.)**

    The company--at the link below-- states that this is a wireless system, that it is "Cable Free..." (As do many), but it also boasts that you don’t have to bother with cabling to the DVR like you would with other companies’ products. (That claim almost cost me a pretty penny)

    Check out the video at the 3-3:30 minute mark, then again at 4:30-5 minute marks. Make sure you can read the instructions at the bottom of the video.

    1--Ooo--kkkk…but watching the video, am I not having to cable ‘everything’…uhhh…to the router???

    (That's what it looks like to me)

    2--What point am I missing!??

    ----I thought wireless plug it in, turn it on, and it starts transmitting.----

    (The cameras. I assume the DVR would have to be wired)

    But assuming there is no escaping the cables... :/

    3--Would I be able to cut into (tap off of) the cameras’ AV wiring in order to get a signal to the computer screen, and, to a separate monitor?

    4--Would that get me a weak signal/scrambled signal/no signal at all if I did that?

    I ask because I worked for a satellite company a few years back and if a customer tried to split the signal from a single cable, they were not happy with the results.

    Anywho--this is what I want--ideally.

    One WIRELESS, 8-camera system that I can monitor from my computer and phone...BUT...also from a regular monitor set up in my bedroom. (That way, if I hear something after I go to bed, all I have to do is open my eyes and look).

    5--Please...How would I go about that?

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  • which dvd recorders allow me to watch one channel and record another?

    when channels were analog, i used a vcr to record one channel and watch another. is there a digital dvd recorder that allows the same with a digital tv? NOT A TIVO OR DVR THAT I HAVE TO PAY, PLEASE.

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