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  • New to Python 2.x having a problem?

    I'm new to programming and python. When running completed scripts under 2.7.5, through cmd or powershell the scripts always come with an error that isn't in my coding but in the beggining, python welcome code: for e.g

    PS C:\Users\MY NAME\scripts> python

    File "", line 1

    Python 2.7.5 <default, May 15 2013, 18:12:08> [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on Win32


    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    It does the same on 2.2.3.

    python is already in my environmental variables and I have created a new directory for it named scripts.

    I tried running it directly by adding raw_input ('press enter to exit')...nothing happens it just runs and ends in a second.

    I asked for help and someone suggested changing the directory to a folder I have named called pythonpractice in C:\ and adding -i in cmd so that it would be C:\pythonpractice>python -i random but then an error comes out as

    C:\pythonpractice>python -i random

    python: can't open file 'random': [Errno 2] No such fire or directory.

    Even running a module in python IDLE comes with an error dialog box saying 'Syntax error There's an error in your program: invalid syntax. When I look at my code, the problem isn't in my code but in Python as in the

    Python 2.7.5 (default, May 15 2013, 22:43:36) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on win32

    Type "copyright", "credits" or "license()" for more information, the '.7' in Python 2.7.5 is highlighted in red, showing an error in Python and not my code.

    Sorry for the long post, but please help, I'm continuing to code, but this thing is driving me crazy. Thnx! I don't want to upgrade coz my books all are based on python 2.x.

  • Creating XP Mode in Win 7 Home, install HP 2510 drivers?

    I have Win 7 Home Premium, Well I've downloaded everything from Virtualbox, I'm downloading VMWare which according to this site will work I wanted to install drivers for the HP PSC 2510 Photostmart drivers for WIndows 7 of which HP is no longer supporting. I was asking if I buy a copy of XP and run XP through Virtualbox or VMWare like this guy did will the drivers install or will they fail? As the drivers themselves are optimised for only Vista and XP. Will the divers work for any people who have tried installing hardware drivers into Virtualbox or VMWare. Thanx!

    I almost forgot to say that I installed Windows Virtual PC on my Win7 Home, so obviously it doesn't work.

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  • My tv has green lines all over?

    Anyway my lcd 38" tv for the past couple of months has had green lines all over, when watching dvd's. I don't use it to watch ordinary with it. The only thing that stops this green lines, is when I switch off and turn on the tv again, otherwise it deteriorates to a 'green lines all over my tv monitor mess. For details it's an LG make, It has DSAP sound I think, bought it a few years ago, have moved it a few times from room to room to connect to sattelite reciever, have never dropped it, it only appears green when connected to my LG dvd through component cables, haven't tried scart connection yet, there is picture and sound just that it's obscured by the green lines. thnx4urhelp!

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  • How does one splice two computers into a single Ethernet port to gain hub-like capabilities?

    I'm planning to connect two computers to a single twisted cable connected to a single port in the router. Whereby they will be able to share packets of data between each other. How will one go about doing this, hopefully in a way that would embody a this statement I copy pasted here : "A hub or port concentrator in it's simplest form is just a bunch of cables wired into a common media buss which can be as simple as twisting three wires together for each of the eight used in Ethernet to share a single port between two devices. Ethernet protocols are designed to work in such a configuration without too many issues".

    Any helpful links to info or recommended material or books will help understand deeper thnx!

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  • Some help please with an earlier answer.?

    Hi, I thankfully got a good answer from a few days ago if you go to this link, I voted it as the best answer i.e 'Answer 1', my question is how will I go about this? Could you please provide some links or recommend some books. I learnt N+ long time ago so my knowledge of it is a bit rusty. I do have Networking for dummies,but it's a bit shallow on Cross over cabling and using your computer as a router. Thanx for your help.

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  • How can I connect a single ethernet dock to two computers?

    My friend has a *** brother, who doesn't let him use the internet at all. I've decided to help him, the only problem is that he kinda lacks funds right now. The brother himself, isn't tech savvy so I was planning to connect a twisted pair to the router...or is it a modem, the router gets it's data or packets from a fiber optic cable attached to the router itself, but saw the router only has one ethernet plug (I think it's meant to have only one).

    Anyway as I was saying, I was planning to connect a twisted pair to my friends computer, where he'll be able to browse the net. As he lacks the funds as of now, how will be the best way to do this without buying a switch. The router in his brothers' bedroom itself has one ethernet plug[I think it's a router or a modem,I dunno the difference:-(between a router and modem), the brothers' computer has two ethernet plugs via the Network Interface Card, could I connect a twisted pair to the other available ethernet plug in the NIC and draw data from his computer unknowingly, while using his computer as a router with special router software(if that's even possible) that can perform router functions.

    Is it possible to connect a single twisted pair RJ 45 to two twisted pair cables to access the single ethernet female dock? what about a crossover cable modification of sometype, since I'm sure some data will pass because of basic physics?

    Maybe it would be better, if he just saved up to get a switch or buy a router to daisy chain to another router? Thanx for ur help.

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  • Installing Windows 7?

    I downloaded Win 7 Home Premium from a torrent site in .rar file format( I just wanted to play around with Win7 before I buy it). I have Vista Basic installed on my laptop, how do I go about partioning the C:\ drive so that I can install. Will I have to copy the Win7 to a DVD wipe the drive and do a clean install, I've installed Win 2000 before and partioned the drive, I guess I've just forgotten, plus I'm really scared of that blue screen when partioning during a clean install.

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