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  • Where should I put my hand when I'm rubbing my girlfriend?

    So the deal is that my GF lets me put my hand on third base, but only over her pants. I'm new at this, so I'm kind of flying blind as to exactly where the "good spot" is. Could someone help me out here? About my only reference point is that I can feel where her mound is.

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  • Should I put my hand on my girlfriend's butt while we're making out?

    We're both 15 (and yeah this is about as far as ive gotten with a girl) and we've made out three or four times. I can't really tell whether the whole hand-*** thing is something girls like or if they just put up with it. I was thinking maybe move my hand to her thigh in that area a bit first and try to move slowly, but its kinda hard to move your hand without it being glaringly obvious.

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  • How to end a texting conversation with my girlfriend?

    So me and my girlfriend get into these long conversations that can span hours of us just talking about random stuff. It's pretty enjoyable usually, but sometimes I get a little annoyed at how consistently we're texting. How do I end a conversation without making it seem too abrupt or mean and like I don't want to talk to her?

    P.S. Excuses for needing to go do something else will only work so many times considering there are only so many excuses to make. I'm looking for a graceful way of doing this.

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  • How do you get 3D in Crysis?

    Nvidia says that Crysis 1 is a five-star game to play with 3D vision and glasses. But when I go into Crysis there's no option for stereoscopic 3D anywhere. Do I need to download a patch or do something else?

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  • Is this a sign of some sort of disorder?

    Basically, I HAVE to move my hands. If they're not moving, it's my instinct to pick something up and start fiddling with it right away. I can control it, but only though a huge amount of mental strength. It's like telling my hand not to start toying with a pencil is like telling it to move into a fire. I have to focus a significant amount of attention to not do something with my hands. Normally, fiddling like this wouldn't be bad, but it's gotten to the point where I'm doing it so often and so vigorously that my hands are aching almost all the time. Can anyone tell me if this is just a really bad habit or perhaps something worse?

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  • What would Saudi Arabia's position on this be?

    If the UN were to standardize internet regulation and censorship rules, do you think that Saudi Arabia would accept the UN resolution, or want to be able to do what they want with it?

    P.S. This kind of sounds like a homework question, but I'm actually just interested in foreign affairs.

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  • Oblivion Combat Feels Restricted?

    I've never liked TES: Oblivion all that much. It seemed like it was a great game, except the combat was ridiculously repetitive and "clunky" feeling. Does anyone else feel that way?

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  • 2GB of Data Enough for iPhone?

    I was thinking about upgrading my AT@T plan and buying a smartphone. Their 4GB plan is really expensive, so I was wondering if anyone out there's got the 2GB plan, and how satisfied they were with it?

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  • String Theory Question?

    Keep in mind I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to string theory and related subjects. I'm trying to get a grasp of it, and I've read that the strings that string theory describes are one dimensional. But I've also read that they can either be open, in a line, or closed, in a loop. How can something that only has one dimension be a loop? Wouldn't that require at least two dimensions?

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  • My USB Ports Don't Work?

    They were fine before and then I came home from school today, turned on my laptop, and suddenly they stopped working. What I mean is that my computer doesn't recognize when I plug in a mouse or a headset (which works through a USB instead of an audio jack). I've used both of these same devices hundreds of times before on this laptop, and this is the first time that this has happened.

    -It's a Dell XPS laptop, about 6-7 months old.

    -I have Windows 7 64-bit

    -Device Manager tells me the ports are working fine.

    -Both devices work on other computers.

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  • What is the Rockwell (HRC) Indentation Hardness of Steel?

    The hard industrial steels. If there's a bunch, what's a rough average? Also, what is is measured in?

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  • Return broken phone for new one?

    My friend told me that the case with phones is usually that if you break one, you can send them back for a new one, as long as you have all of the parts.I have a Pantech phone and use AT&T for my carrier, so does anyone know their policies on such things?

    Also, would I send it with the SIM card or keep that to put in the new phone?

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  • Songs that go well with ACDC Thunderstruck?

    Anyone got four or five songs that would go well with this? Sort of somewhere near the classic rock genre, but as long as it works, I'm open to any suggestions.

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  • How to Become Better Friends?

    So I have two or three good friends that I hang out with, text, etc. But I have like a ton of other friends at school that I hang out with, but don't do anything outside of school really. How can I get to the point with them that we text and hang and all that?

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  • What type of jet engine does a fifth-generation fighter aircraft use?

    United State's craft at least, like the F-22 Raptor.

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  • How Does a Jet Engine Work?

    Yeah I realize there are a bunch of different types, but I was specifically thinking of the ones used in fighter jets, like the F-22 Raptor or F-35 Lightning II.

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  • History of Middle East War?

    I've been interested lately in the whole deal going on in the middle east and I've come to a simple conclusion: I know nothing. Is there anywhere that I can read about the history of all of this way going on over there? Starting from around when the United Stated first became involved (pre-Bush era) up to a fairly modern date. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • How Many Crew Members Would a Sci-Fi Ship Need?

    I've been trying to create realistic-ish science fiction ships for a series of short stories I'm writing. I want them to be set in a consistent universe so I can minimize inconsistencies having to do with background information (such as the technology) interacting the the foreground story. One thing I just have no idea about, though, is the number of people it would take to run a large war cruiser. These are the city-in-space type of ships. The centers of command that only get called into action for the truly major confrontations.

    This is their dimensions:

    shape: cylinder

    length - 1.7km (like I said, city in space)

    diameter - 550m

    external weaponry - thousands of small automatic turrets, hundreds of manual turrets, and several main batteries. (I have an actual design, but I wont get into it.)

    fighter ships housed - in excess of 300, exact number undecided.

    power - 6 fusion reactors

    Can anyone take a guess at about how many crew members something like this might take to run? Assume artificial intelligence doesn't exist and computers are only moderately more advanced than they are now. (Don't worry, I'm not ignoring that factor. Those will come in later models.)

    The only reason I ask is because I've heard modern aircraft carriers need about 3200 people, where as my estimates for a ship like this came out to less than 1500.

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  • Crew on a Nimitz Class Carrier?

    I've read that there is a crew of 3200 on a Nimitz class carrier. I was wondering what the breakdown of the crew would be. Is most of it maintenance and repair or what? Why would you need that many people?

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