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Politics, Bandanas and Hollow Tips

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  • Anyone else buy the LeBron 9s?

    Best ball shoe I have worn since Jordan 7s. Love the high ankle support, lighter then any other LBJ shoe before too. Any otha reviews?

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  • Anyone had a Nokia E63?

    Anyone had one that can give me there personal review? Thats the phone i've decided on, just wanna hear opinions based on experience

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  • What ya think of Entourage Season 8 so far?

    The season's have got weaker over the years... but it's the only show I watch besides californication... I wanted to see how it ends?

    What you think of season 8 so far...?

    How do you think it's gonna finish after seeing a few episodes?

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  • Is Yahoo Answers a result of laziness?

    lol, probably the most hypocritical question.

    I mean I see a lot of questions on YA that people could just type into google or another search engine and research themselves? Are we that lazy we need others to research for us?

    Maybe not so hypocritical, don't know if I could have googled this one, or for the sake of this site's moderators... used the yahoo search engine lol

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  • Where were you at....?

    For the real Hip Hop heads..

    When you heard ya fav all time joint. What year? Where were you at and the hell was you doin?

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  • Info on Ankle Braces?

    Imma ball player, never been injury prone but over the past 2 months I've had a few 2nd degree ankle sprains. I've decided imma go to an ankle brace for awhile... any ankle brace i've wore in the past i've never been able to wear more than 15mins because i'm a bit flat footed and it aggravates the bottom of my foot. Are ankle braces made fot flat feet? Good place to purchase them other than online?

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  • You believe there are Aliens on the Moon?

    When Apollo 11 landed on the moon they were told to get off and never come back.

    Whatcha think

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  • To the females: do girls ever truly get over a guy 100%?

    my sister was tryna tell me she is not over any guy she ever been with 100%. That if she ever sees an ex a lil bit of emotion always surfaces.

    as a guy, it ain like that....

    jus curious if this is all women..

    one love

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  • Best Hip Hop Artist for each letter of the alphabet?

    Andre 3000

    Black Thought







    Immortal Technique



    LL Cool J

    Method Man


    Obie Trice

    Pharoahe Monch







    Wyclef Jean




    Close but not: Big L, Notorius BIG, Mos Def, Royce da 5'9

    This was harder than it looks lol.

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  • Whats your preference? pt 3?

    Ok, this is part 2, did it jus before....gonna start a cypher... imma start by asking whom you prefer out of two artists and why, next dude answers then puts up two new artists and so on.

    Black Milk vs J Dilla (RIP)

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  • Where the Larry O'Brien Trophy Logo go?

    I been out of the country a few years, why did they take the Larry O'Brien Logo out from under the team logos during the finals?

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  • Two meaning, play on words, one word?

    Something or someone special..


    Power of Attorney

    Whats the word...

    It's one word, but with one of the meanings it's broken down into 4 words...

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  • Who is your preference? part 2?

    Ok, this is part 2, did it jus before....gonna start a cypher... imma start by asking whom you prefer out of two artists and why, next dude answers then puts up two new artists and so on.

    Vinnie Paz vs Immortal Technique

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  • What ya think of that new Em & Royce album?

    Bad meets Evil, Hell The Sequel...

    honestly... I know em gone through some **** since Eminem Show, but he was back to his roots on this, Royce was Royce....

    yall think?

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  • Who is your preference?

    Ok, something a lil different, see how many hits we get on this....gonna start a cypher... imma start by asking whom you prefer out of two artists and why, next dude answers then puts up two new artists and so on...

    KRS vs Black Thought

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  • When you kids say MJ is better than LeBron, Kobe...etc?

    How you even know? I can tell y'all mostly teenagers in here... you were too young to even watch him. All you know is highlights, stats and the words of other's lips... lol

    I ain't hatin on MJ, but most of you live through the Kobe Bryant era...

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  • Why people saying Deshawn Stevenson can guard D Wade no problem?

    Seems to be everywhere, like DeShawn gonna take Wade out of the series lmao.

    BQ: DeShawn gonna talk trash and fuel LeBron like he did in his Wiz days?

    no hate, like both teams, but for real?

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  • Why is it called congress?

    Progress is to move forward.... why would they call it congress.... they are living up to the name

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  • Repairing Headphones...?

    I just got up and came back to my laptop where my headphones were plugged in and I stepped on the cord ripping them out of the laptop and bending the jack. Anyway to repair the jack without having to buy new headphones all together, they like 3 weeks old and expensive..


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  • Any excuses for the ECF?

    Bulls fan, got love for your city and squad but you can't tell me you have anything to say this time. You had the game wrapped up wit 3mins ago and ya left LBJ & dwade beast you....

    Should Rose have taken that last shot?

    Any excuses for game 5?

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