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  • Is no action the right action to take?

    This has been a very divisive topic, and many people just want to leave the gun issue alone altogether, and I'm not so sure that its exactly the most beneficial thing to do. I'm not saying that we should take everyone's guns, so don't get too worked up, and I'm not for a new gun law, as laws do very little. What I'm suggesting is to just make it very difficult to get a gun, with background checks, training you have to pass, safety classes you have to take, and require the purchase of a safe before you can purchase a gun. Right now, this is not the case whatsoever, anyone can walk into a gun show and buy whatever gun they please without question, and politicians actually voted against putting an end to the gunshow loophole! With great power comes great responsibility, and those honest, law-abiding citizens that want to own a gun will still be able to.

    check this out:

    Also there needs to be a gun buyback program to get guns off the street. Offer money for guns, no questions asked, even if it only gets a small number collected. More programs should be enacted to take guns out of the hands of unlawful owners. When looking at a city, you know where most shootings take place, crack down on the area instead of avoiding it like they do now.

    I think there is a middle ground people can achieve. We can keep our right to bear arms, but we have to understand that with something as powerful as a gun in the hands of citizens, there should be more strict enforcement, and more of an effort to get the illegal guns out of our cities.

    And yes my ideas cost money, but not doing anything costs lives.

    Civilized debate is encouraged!

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  • Do politics allow people to argue about things they know little about?

    Everyone feels like they need to have an opinion or input in politics, even when they know very little. I know I wouldn't comment on how to perform brain surgery when all I know are parts of the brain.

    It has become true that in politics, opinions are facts, and facts don't matter.

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  • Do you support spending cuts? If so which ones?

    It is easy to say, "Cut spending!" It is much more difficult to specify what to cut and how much, because cuts have very real consequences. If you are for cutting welfare and entitlements, by how much? Do you think the people affected by this will have to resort to criminal activity to gain money? If 9 people are honestly benefiting from welfare during hard times, and one person abuses it, is it fair to cut the welfare for all 10 of them?

    If you are for military cuts, how much? Can we cut military personnel and offer them jobs in other fields?

    I wanna know!

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  • Do conservatives take Michelle Malkin seriously?

    Its a serious question. I think this woman is so insane that it is an embarrassment that she has ever had any kind of opinion voiced to the public. Someone who embraced internment in WW2 and called for internment after the 9/11 attacks, made up countless lies and honestly isn't very smart. Does FOX even put her on tv anymore? Or did they even realize that shes foaming at the mouth?

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  • Can America call itself a free country when it denies its gay citizens basic rights?

    I'm not gay and I dont have any gay friends, but it is absolutely ridiculous and infuriating to me that people openly want to deny gay people the right to marry. Honestly, it is embarrassing to live in an era that denies someone of something so simple.. Certainly in the future they will look back at our time the same way we look back at when they denied women and blacks rights. Christian extremists need to realize that America is diverse and secular and you cannot impose your religious beliefs on the entire society. I salute states like Maryland who are willing to take a step in the right direction.

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  • Why are you a liberal/conservative or democrat/republican?

    Just wondering why and how some people choose their affiliation.

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  • Why are people on this Clipper's kick so hard?

    I understand its a big trade and the Clippers got better, but putting them in contention to come out of the west is a bit premature...especially for a team that didnt even make the playoffs last season. People did the same thing with the Heat except the Heat became so much better, not to mention they were already a playoff team.

    I get that people are excited, but let them play a damn game first. Does anyone else agree?

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  • chris bosh, i know you didnt just say that...?

    miami fans will agree with him, of course.

    but can you believe that? dont dive for it? LOL

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  • LeBron scared to enter dunk contest?

    lbj says he's scared of the 'wear and tear' on his what wear and tear? and he states that griffin already has home court advantage. is he afraid of being shown up by a rookie?

    im a little confused by lebrons tactics.

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  • Is it sad ( poll)?

    on, there was a poll asking "what was the bigger moment of 2010, lebrons decision or the lakers winning their 2nd in a row?"

    lebrons decision has like 58% of the vote..

    i understand it was a big deal, but isnt a championship the whole point of even having the sport around? i feel like nothing is bigger than a championship, especially not a player changing teams.

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  • Why do you love football/soccer?

    I love it because there is no feeling in the world that compares to having the ball at your feet or scoring a goal. I love that it can unify people across other divides. It really is the beautiful game and it is something I can love forever.

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  • which is worse, question for all?

    this is a question for everyone, really, an opinion.

    im an atheist but i have been wondering this for a while.

    would it be worse (in "god's" eyes) for someone to be a non-believer or for someone to believe but not follow any of the commandments or requirements of their religion?

    to me it seems like believing but only half-assing it would be like a slap in the face to god.

    any thoughts?

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  • Sprained ankle questions?

    Hello. 6 days ago i sprained my ankle playing soccer, immediately after i iced it and elevated it, used crutches the next day, and continued icing it and elevating it. i wore a brace without cruthces after the second day. By day 4 the pain had stopped, i continue to ice it and i do some exercises now.

    but there is significant brusing right above where my brace ends, and some swelling is still there.

    i was wondering if you think, a week after, im ready for light jogging or some other exercises, i really need to get back on the soccer field asap.

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  • would i have any chance if i applied past the deadline?

    as the question states, i didnt realize the deadline was january first for this particular college, but it still gave me the option to apply.

    should i even take the time to do it?

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  • if you put an un-knowing, unbiased person in a room...?

    so basically if you took a person who does not have a religious preference, is unbiased in every way, and you had a christian preach to him their beliefs of life and god and humans, and then you had an atheist explain to him his/her beliefs, their evidence, and why they believe so, who do you think the person would be more likely to side with?

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  • is there a correlation between intelligence and faith?

    atheists generally have higher iq's. how do you feel about this and do you believe that this is coincidental or is there a real relationship?

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  • what would heaven be like?

    i am an atheist, but i kinda have a question aimed towards the christians.

    what do you believe heaven to be like? would you be your 20 year old self, 40 year old self, 80 year old self? when you see your family members would they be the same age as you or different? if i went as my 40 year old self and saw my father as his 20 year old self, that would surely make for an awkward reunion.

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  • Am i the only one that feels like religion is absolutely ridiculous?

    seriously, i can see how people 2,000 years ago could be religious, but modern-day believers i dont understand at all. its all so far-fetched and crazy, the bible actually makes me laugh at how ridiculous it is.

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  • romo, pennington, or orton?

    who should i start this week, im really hesitant about romo, but then again pennington and orton are so inconsistent that im hesitant about them too.

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  • Should I go to a worse school to play soccer?

    Ok so im going through the process of applying to and looking at colleges. Now i've looked at a few schools i would like to go to and they have really good soccer teams. I am a good soccer player but in reality i would not be able to play for them. If i did, id sit the bench. Now i would have the opprotunity to play at a smaller, less prestigious school definitely. I dont know what to do, its been my dream to play soccer at college but its a big sacrifice

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