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I'm a fun outgoing type of girl. I play sports, hang out with friends, nd do the reg. teen thing. Ppl consider me popular, but im not part of the B****y crowd. I'm sort of a jock/nerd, but i rock it.

  • How do I know if I am exempt from withholding on taxes?

    The tax forms states I have to meet the following two criteria:

    "Last year I was entitled to a refund of all State income tax withheld because I had no tax liability; and this year I expect a refund of all State income tax withheld because I expect to have no tax liability"

    I'll be honest, I have no clue what that means. Basically I am still a dependent of my parents and have had jobs but have never filed my own taxes.

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  • Workout Routine for women?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a solid workout routine. I'm 19, athletic, and I usually just go for runs to get into shape. However, I'm really bad at just running at the same speed, no matter the distance, and I am really looking for a good way to make sure I keep and shape and lose any extra fat. An entire routine for a week or so would be amazing.

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  • No ID for domestic flight?

    I don't have a valid for of ID for my domestic flight because my only form of identification is expired. Will I be able to fly? If so, how early should I arrive to allot time for the "secondary screening" that I have read might happen if they allow me to fly. Also, I have a ticket that takes me from one airport, then to JFK, and then to my location. If i get through at the first airport, will I have to go through the same struggle at JFK?

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  • How to get internet when internet is cut off initially, disabling Hotspot shield?

    The internet is being turned completely off, therefore disabling Hotspot shield, and then turning it back on. Is there anyway to keep internet?

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  • Colligative chemistry- freezing point?

    What is the minimum mass of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) that must be dissolved in 15.1 kg water to prevent the solution from freezing at -10.0°F? (Assume ideal behavior.)

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  • Friendzone advice from boys?

    One of my god friends admitted to liking me, and I had to tell him I only liked him as a friend. He took it well, but as I tried to keep with the friendship, he seemed more reluctant and unwilling to hang out as much, and I realized why, but I love hanging out with him so I kept trying to say friends. Things seemed to be going okay, until we had a conversation where I was trying to keep his moral up, and he basically told me to stop saying nice things to him because it made him like me again. I care so much about him that I don't want to hurt him anymore, and I now realize how selfish I've been by trying to keep being his friend, but I really hate that I can no longer be friends with him. He is one of the most fun people I know, but I guess I'll just have to stop hanging out with him. Is this the right thing to do?

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  • guys and girls, advice please?

    I am 17 years old and never had a real relationship. I talk to a lot of guys (not multiple at once), but whenever I see things going serious, I am just turned off and stop it. I met this extremely amazing guy; super nice, good looking, and literally perfect. The thoughtful things he does for me are unimaginable and romantic, but for some reason i just don't aprpeciate it as much as I should. I feel weird when he does these romantic thoughtful things for me. I am flattered and love that he thought of doing that for me, but I am weirded out by how serious he is about relationships. Whats wrong with me? why can't i just date someone without being awkwarded out by the whole idea? Should I just go for it and give it a shot in attempts to try and overcome this?

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  • Do colleges accept SAT scores from sophomore year?

    If i only took the SAT my sophomore year, do I have to take it again? Is it required? Or did I just screw myself over....

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  • What is the equation for Cesium + Iodide?

    What is the balanced equation with STATES?

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  • How should I get my hair cut?

    I am considering getting layers, but I really know absolutely nothing about hair. I have naturally straight, brown hair and a pretty round face I suppose. My hair doesn't curl, whatsoever. It comes down to about my chest and right now I have a side part. Any suggestions? And please be specific; if you say layers, tell me where they need to start and all that type of stuff, because I am completely ignorant to hair jargon. Thank you :) I uploaded a picture to help out.

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  • How do I get rid of my Lag?

    Brand new Asus laptop, not too many programs downloaded on it.... but I still have extreme lag when I play games on it. I have tried turning down the color depth and resolution while playing the game, but it doesnt do much if anything at all..

    Help? I thought an Asus was made for gaming...

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  • Guy problems. Which guy should I chose?

    Guy number one:

    Most quality guy I have ever met. Seriously the nicest, most considerate person I have ever met. From the day i met him i just wanted to become closer to him because I could tell that he is an amazing person inside in out. I am not really sure if i could see a relationship with him simply because he isn't really smooth and is slightly awkward around girls and I would never be able to tell if he was seriously interested (he flirts a lot with me via text and we've watched movies together, but he is nice to a lot of girls), but I know if I were to date him, I would never get hurt and it would be the perfect relationship.

    Guy number 2:

    oh man oh man. this guy I was immediately attracted too. He is the perfect flirt and we had this thing during the end of the year, but his history is messy. Friends with benefits wiht one girl who screwed him over and i feel like he still has feelings for her, and then he is simply a flirt and i feel like is easily attracted to new things. But he is such a deep person. Our conversations can go from philosophical to just messing around and having fun and i like that. clearly this is the guy im more into, but im not going to lie, ive never been hurt before or been in a real relationship. i can see this guy unintentionaly hurting me. he wouldn't screw me over and play me, but i can see him simply getting interested in other girls and ending any relationship. its summer, so ive been distancing myself from him, trying to make sure i dont get hurt. hes not a player, hes a geunine guy, but i feel like i will get hurt, and i dont want that for myself. i have always guarded myself and have been fine with that. maybe thats why ive never had a real relationship, but thats never really bothered me. to be honest i dont know if a relatinoship with him would be worth the hurt, especially when i know i have a more quality guy that wouldnt do that to me. But i know guy number two is the one i want to be with more.

    Btw, if i were to commit to guy number one, guy number two would be out of the picture. i have too much respect for guy number one to ever hurt him in any way.

    thoughtful answers are appreciated.

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  • Can I cancel my car insurance?

    Right now I have my permit and want to get my license but I go to a boarding school so I only need my license for the summer. Is there a way I can get car insurance for only the summer and then cancel it before I go to school? And if there is, will that have an effect on my license? Will I have to redue the entire driving test again?

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  • Any cute ideas to ask a guy to Sadie Hawkins dance?

    My boyfriend is Egyptian and I want to ask him. I need ideas with a cute Egyptian theme preferably but if not, then just any cute way to ask. Thanks!

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  • I need a speech full of innuendos?

    My name is Andrew Stow and I am running for Junior senator at my school and I want to have a speech that is full of innuendos.

    Any help would be appreciated, even if its just one liners.

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  • Can you help make up a rap?

    My friend Pooja and I are running for junior senator.

    We need a rap, preferrably to a song, but anything, even single verses or lines, would be appreciated.

    My name is Shannon btw.

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  • How many Indian (not Native American) guys would go for a white girl?

    If I had a type, it would definitely be Indian.

    I love the culture, I love watching Bhangra, I am vegetarian and love Indian food.

    They are really the only guys I find myself immediately attracted to.

    Unfortunately, I am not Asain. I am pretty Caucasian.

    Is the race thing still that big of a deal?

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  • AP Calculus Math Problem?

    Here is the given information

    When x is = to 1, f(x)=3, f ' (x) = -2, g(x)=-3 g ' (x)= 4

    If h(x)= (2f(x)+3)(1+g(x)) then what is h ' (1)

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  • Question about Indian guys?

    Is it true that Indian guys only date Indian girls?

    I know with the culture and heritage being what it is, it is frowned about for them to date anyone but an Indian girl, but do most of the guys follow that?

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  • Can you explain this quote to me?

    In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

    Albert Camus

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