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  • My Sheltie is having an operation!?

    Hi guys!

    My 7 month old Shetland Sheepdog is being spayed next week. I know it is meant to extend her lifespan and is common practice but I am extremely worried.

    Has anyone had any experience with puppies being spayed? Esp Shelties or females at least. And what happened afterward? Did you notice any changes in her personality?

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  • Melo M5 in Hong Kong?

    I just moved to Hong Kong from the UK and I'm in need of basketball shoes! Where can I get Melo's old shoe the M5? Or even the newer ones the M6? Anyone who knows please tell me thanks!

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  • Which dog should I get?

    I'm thinking of getting my first dog soon and would like people opinions on which I should get? What are the pros and cons that are often overlooked? I'm thinking of a Beagle for now because it's a decent size at full growth. Also I live in a tropical climate so it is very very warm so this is worth considering. Moreover I would prefer a less furry dog so no German Sheppards.

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  • NFL Teams Who Should I Support?

    Whilst I have been watching American football for some time and followed the Barcelona Dragons for abit, I think its time I picked an NFL team to support once and for all. I've always liked the Raiders, Eagles and Cowboys. Which should I choose? Any other suggestions?

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  • What NBA team to support?

    I have lived in Singapore and the UK so I have no natural affiliation with the US hence I cannot support a hometown NBA team. Since the Knicks made that ridiculous run to the finals in 1999, I have been a fan. I was 10 or so then and thought they would win it all soon.

    Apparently not. I want to support another team but I don't know if I can. If so, who should I support and why? Oh I hate the Lakers and Celtics.

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  • I was not invited to the ball.?

    My girlfriend who I've been going out with for 4 months invited her best friend to the ball at the end of this month over me. Shes been friends with this girl for about 8 years but she more or less insisted on my girlfriend bringing her as a date and hence I could not be invited. Normally I'm cool with this sort of thing but for some reason I feel let down and upset. Do I have a right to?

    Would really appreciate some opinions. I know it is very unmanly to speak about this but theres where the internet comes into play!

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  • I smell PLAYOFFS for my beloved Knicks this year, do you?

    As a Knick fan in 98-99, I was captivated by players such as Sprewell and Houston. Then they almost missed the playoffs and eventually went on to the NBA Finals! Ahh those memories. Ok now coming back to reality, can D'Antoni really run us to the playoffs? I really doubt it but I sure as hell hope so. Then again would playing really badly and obtaining a high draft pick be better?

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  • How do you choose?

    I met a girl, love at first sight. But she speaks my second language and I only get to see her at university. Likewise, when I go home, there is another girl who is less attractive but whom I connect better with.

    Chemistry or love at first sight? Help!

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  • What can I not eat if I have a fever?

    Im a university student and my options are limited to ceral and burgers form a take away stand.

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