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Hello, I am studing astrology from last 20-22 yrs,But today also I feel that I don't have knowledge more than 0.1%.enevn though I have given three exams of astrology successfully.As god has given me source to earn,so I am doing this to help people who need, at free of cost. AS I believe in GOD, who is creater of everthing, I never sugget a remedy for any planet, like do japa for KETU,RAHU,GURU,SHANI etc.. Instead of that I suggest to pray god, who is almighty and powerful than any one. ALso stars indicates only what we have in future,what we had in previous birth.SO it is good to pray directly to GOD, instead of planet.Anyways THis is my personal opinion. I am thankful to my friends on this site, who gives their votes to my answer. Besides that I completed course of Marriage Counselor, and doing counseling also pre marriage/after marriage.

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