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  • what is the word for someone who spreads false rumors or panic?

    I can't remember the word, it's on the tip of my tongue.

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  • My sophos antivirus keeps detecting this when I use Google Chrome:?

    I keep getting a pop up no matter what website I use (I'm just on Yahoo, gmail, etc)

    This is what it says:

    access blocked to "" as "Mal/htmlGen-a" has been found on this website.

    Does anyone know if this is a false positive? I ran a full system scan with Sophos and it found nothing.

    Any suggestions?

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  • dealing with a lot of stress?

    ok so quick summary. 23 yo, moved back home a month ago after completing master's. looking for job/trying to get into grad school for further ed. unfortunately life has become nearly impossibly to live and I can't seem to function at home when my father is around. I have no one to talk to about this so that's why i'm on yahoo venting and just looking for support. my father is one of those really narrowminded people who doesn't ever see his faults. in fact, he think's he's always right and always defends himself even when his mistake is quite blatant. that's tolerable, or at least had been all the time I grew up at home. but when you add psychological/verbal/physical abuse to the mix - all of these from my dad towards my mom - then the game really changes. now growing up it was all about respecting your parents and don't speak up. but now at 23, im an adult and I have to speak up when he's treating my mom badly. not my business I know, but you can only let so much slide before your morals get in the way. now the person towards whom this abuse is mainly directed toward, my mom, I love and care for very much. I can't stand to see her hurt. I've told her to leave him many times. the problem is she's so good-hearted and responsible and so she's always trying to preserve the family. she tells me to shut up when I ask her to leave him not realizing what a pain he's causing on a daily basis. she wants me to respect all that he's done and while she doesn't like or accept the abuse, she doesn't want to divorce him either.

    our family is in a very difficult financial situation, and my father is anything but hardworking. just going to his dayjob (easy going desk job) is the hardest thing for him. we're not going anywhere but down as a family. my father has no social skills, the only thing he knows is how to get angry and lose his temper at the snap of a finger and that's why he always gets laid off or fired and that's why we are in such a **** situation.

    now getting to the end, it's just such a tough situation as someone looking to study for an entrance exam and try to get into grad school to go through this. now before you ask me to simply move out, realize that it's tougher than that. As I said before, I love my mom very much. the thought of me not being there when they're arguing and that argument leading to my dad hitting my mom (something he's prone to doing) is unbearable. I can't focus or concentrate at all and my life's a mess. I don't have friends that'll understand this so I really appreciate any advice or support anyone can provide.

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  • how do or what word do the British use in place of "blah"?

    For example, "stacy's address is blah blah blah." sorry that's all i could think of right now. but i do know that the british use another word instead of blah in their language and I can't figure it out!

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  • Tapping the tendon of the triceps brachii muscle is a good test for the integrity of all of the following stru?

    Tapping the tendon of the triceps brachii muscle is a good test for the integrity of all of the following

    structures EXCEPT the

    a. posterior cord of the brachial plexus

    b. middle trunk of the brachial plexus

    c. deep branch of the radial nerve

    d. C7 segment of the spinal cord

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  • A patient with carpal tunnel syndrome could exhibit all of the following deficits EXCEPT:?

    a. weakness in simultaneous MP joint flexion and IP joint

    b. extension of the 2nd and 3rd digits

    c. sensory loss in skin over the lateral 1/2 of the palm

    d. weakness in thumb opposition

    e. sensory loss in skin on the palmar aspect of the lateral 3 and1/2 digits

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  • what song is the beat of this song?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Not the intro, which is an Eminem song, but the beat used for the majority of the song. I want to say it's a song by Fat Joe, but I can't tell.. I think it's early 2000s rap.

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  • Accidentally unplugged computer running on AC power only.?

    When turned back on (which took a little while, definitely longer than usual), I heard noises coming from left side of computer, which is also where the fan and power is located. I'm a little paranoid at the moment and just need some reassurance as to if everything is OK or the noises mean something. It is a Sony Vaio.

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  • Easy Titration question- stuck!!!?

    What is the pH at equivalence point of the titration of 0.1M acetic acid with 0.1M KOH? The Ka of acetic acid is 1.8x10^-5.

    I know at equivalence point, moles of acid = base.

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  • Chromium forms cubic crystals whose unit cell has an edge length of 288.5 pm. The density of the metal is 7.20?

    Chromium forms cubic crystals whose unit cell has an edge length of 288.5 pm. The density of the metal is 7.20 g/cm3. The atomic weight of Cr is 51.99. How many Chromium atoms are within a unit cell?

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  • OK to quit new job without notice?

    I was hired approximately 2 weeks ago at a warehouse as a cashier assistant. the work shifts just aren't working with my schedule and I want to resign.

    The thing is I have 4 straight shifts beginning this Thursday - Sunday that I absolutely cannot do. If I resign tomorrow (wednesday), obviously that is not enough of a notice, but do you think that not giving a notice can harm me in any way in the future in terms of obtaining employment? Does this go on my record?

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  • What should I do; job/school dilemma?

    Just got a job at costco 2 weeks ago. when i submitted my application months ago and when i was interviewed (4-5 weeks ago), my schedule at the time was wide open. now, beginning in june, i am taking a few classes and studying for a graduate school exam. i spoke to my manager a few times about this because there's no way i can do a full 8 hour shift when i have to study and go to school. the minimum we have to work is 24 hours a week, so my suggestion to my manager was to schedule me for 4-5 hours shifts for 5-6 days a week. i can totally manage that. but she is adamant about seeing my schedule and wants to fill in every possible "availability" with a shift and as a result i have 30 hours this week w/ 3 days of 8 hour shifts.

    consider this, i finish my last class at 2 everyday m-f so she wants me to work from 230-11pm. now when am i supposed to do homework and study if i'm working all day? she hears me but she doesn't want to listen. anyway, i've been sick this whole week and haven't had a chance to speak to her about my work schedule this week (which consists of full day shifts beginning thursday).

    my classes and studying started this past monday and again, i won't be able to attend my thursday or friday shifts which are from 1230-9pm. I am considering asking for the 4 hour shift/day option again, but she doesn't want to do that for me because i'm a new employee and i'm supposed to be able to meet their every requirement until my 90 day probation is over. and probably after that too. the other option i have is to speak to her on the phone (i'm too sick and can't even talk right now to go to costco to speak with her) and let her know that if she can't adjust my work schedule according to my availability (which is the 4 hours shifts/day) , then either i ask for a leave of absence until i'm done studying and take this exam and also finish my classes (all of which will be over with by mid-August) or just resign.

    If she can't grant a leave, then I'm going to have to quit anyway. so about quitting, since today's tuesday and I have shifts scheduled for this thurs, fri, sat, and sun, how will that look? I spoke to her at least 3 times about these shifts and told her that I have classes beginning the 1st week of june and she said she would look into it and let me know, but she never did and i have to keep following up with her and i still have no solution and it's wed.

    again, i haven't been able to speak with her since this past sunday because i've been sick and my voice is very nasally and my throat is just really painful. so what should i do? i wanted this to be a part time job that would work with my other priorities but at costco they just want to assign me shifts that just don't work. and by the way, my manager said that i should have let her know 3 weeks ago if i need to change my shifts or go from part time to limited part time (in which i can have less hours).

    There's no way I could have done that because, I was hired 2 weeks ago and she knows that so she is totally unwilling to budge and compromise. I told her the day i was hired about my classes beginning the first week of june and that was the earliest heads up i could have possibly given.

    now, if i do quit, does this affect my credit in any way or future job opportunities? wouldn't a background check reveal this job to other employers? i'll really appreciate your help. btw, i've been here for 2 weeks so i don't even know anyone well enough to use costco as a reference for future jobs, nor do i expect to. is it required to have a reference from your previous employer if you want a new job or can it be any past employers?

    Thanks so much in advance. i'm just in a major dilemma right now. i wish i could keep this job, but i can't manage those 8 hour shifts without missing classes and having 0 time to study.

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  • Is this a legitimate recruiting agency?

    I am trying to get a job through this employment agency but I can't figure out if they're legitimate.

    They are called The Zamzow Group. They are based in the LA area in California and the website seems legit. I haven't seen their office because the recruitment director wanted to meet in a coffeeshop for whatever reason. Please can someone check them out and tell me whether or not they are legit. I am considering giving them all my info. Thanks. Btw, I already checked, which does not list Zamzow. I don't just want to go off the website and the person who I met with because both can be fabricated. Consider this, the person whom I met with is not listed on the company's website. She did however give me a brochure and business card from Zamzow, but again, those can be fabricated. IS Zamzow Group real? Could it be that they are real and this lady is a scammer?

    I'll really appreciate any help.

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  • Chem Question. Please help! Not sure how to approach it. Any tips will be appreciated.?

    An acid-base neutralization reaction causes the temperature of a solution and beaker to rise

    from 23 °C to 89 °C. The volume of the solution is 435 mL. Determine the amount of

    energy released by this reaction. Assume the specific heat of the solution, which is dilute,

    is the same as that of water and that the beaker has a heat capacity of 330 J/°C.

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  • You are at your cabin in the woods. Will you be able to take a hot bath tonight since only 5 lbs of propane re?

    I'm not sure how to approach this one. Am I solve for the amount of heat (q) using q=m*c*deltaT or am I finding the enthalpy for the reaction? I'll really appreciate if someone can help me solve this. If we choose to find the heat, then where do I find the change in temperature to plug into the above equation?

    Also, here is the equation I came up with for this reactionL C3H8 + O2 -> CO2 + H20

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  • how to lose belly fat?

    I'm trying to get rid of belly fat, but haven't had much success. To achieve this, I'm running on a treadmill for the most part for about 20-30 minutes per day but am not seeing any improvements. My diet is good. I tend to eat pretty healthy meals with the occassional sugar reward, but my concern is working out. I will really appreciate tips from people who are bodybuilders, personal trainers, or just average people who happen to be fitness buffs. I need solid from experienced people who themselves have achieved this goal of burning the fat off their belly and having very toned and defined abdominal muscles. Advice like what workouts/exercises I should try with specific detail such as length of exercise, length of break between sets, etc. will be appreciated.


    By the way, I am mid-20s male and I work out for an hour in addition to running everyday.

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  • Water leaking from 1st floor ceiling through light fixture when I use upstairs bathroom sink.?

    This is a bit of an emergency, I'll really appreciate any help from people who have experienced this sort of thing and know of a solution.


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  • Beginner guitar. How to learn?

    Hi, I just bought a new acoustic guitar, hoping to learn my 1st instrument. I don't have the money for lessons, and the only resource I have would be the internet to learn how to play.

    Any suggestions as to how I should even begin to learn?

    I have no experience with music, either reading or playing it. I mean I am a complete novice in this field. For example, I don't know the difference between, sheet music, chords, and tabs.

    If someone could help me with this and also provide suggestions as to how I can start learning the basics (i.e. videos on youtube, websites, etc.) that would be great.


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  • How can I increase the amount of Scholarship Matches I have on

    I have a total of 13 scholarship matches at the moment, and most of them don't even apply to me, so I don't think you can even call them "matches."

    I remember when I used this site a few years ago, there was simply a list of scholarships present to us to browse from. Is it possible to do that?

    I have added as much in my profile as possible and it doesn't seem to add any more scholarships as matches to my account. I'll really appreciate your help.

    Is there a way I can just view ALL the scholarships that are available out there? Thanks.

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  • Computer making noises?

    My PC, just over a year old, made very loud sounds yesterday and today it made a more weak sound. The sounds are coming from the back and I'm not sure, but it could be the fan. I am by no means a computer expert, but I do know that the various fans have various responsibilities. I don't know how to tell which fan it is-could be the power supply fan. I am not sure what I should do. What I have done is blow air, by mouth, into all the openings, thinking it could be dust. I did this after the first time it made the very loud noise and I put the computer to sleep before I blew air into it. The next day, when I woke it up from sleep, it was fine, but later in the day it started making the same sounds.

    The thing is every time it started making these sounds, both of which were fairly loud but different in the sense that one was more intense than the other, I put the computer to sleep because I wasn't sure what else to do.

    I will really appreciate any help. It is a new computer and I am not sure if it is the fan that is making this noise or some other part, and also I am too scared to use it. Thanks.

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